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I am Mark, age is 37 years and live in 's Gravenvoeren in Belgium. I work in the ICT sector for the company HP CDS. My hobbies are: Astronomy (I have a facination for the universe)and watch the skies my self with my 25 cm Dobson 10" telescope, watching Discovery Channel, online gaming, playing soccer, biking, romatic diners, movies (SciFi), Star Trek fan, playing Pool/Snooker and working/building computers. I'm a bit of a dreamer, hoping to be in a ship with the stars and planets some day, don't think I'll be here anymore when man goes into space missions, however the mission to Mars is here by an exception..:P.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Yes, there must be intelligent life out there, so many stars and planets. I hope we discover it within my lifetime, I don't think we will find it, but they will find us. We 're putting tons of radiowaves and television into space, some species have to think where it comes from. They have to be very advanced in tech. to be visiting us. One thing I hope these beings can teach us: Not making WAR and get rid of hunger and killing in the world! They will be responsable for uniting the humans. The danger of it will be discimination. I'm not scared they will be hostile, they have there own history to teach us that killing each other is useless! I know it's Utopia, but doesn't hurt hoping it will end if we where listing to the right "man".
I don't think setting up a beacon helps, we already sending tons of info into space. Voyager I and II are doing a great job for us. Maybe in 10 years or so we are ready to make very good powerfull telescope or a rochet engine to really explore space and beyond. Giving it knowledge of our species, cultures, music, make us look good. Maybe we 've become a little better or wiser in our behaviour in the near future.
I running SETI because I want to be a help hand finding our "friends" in space, maybe have a planet or star named after me :)!
I think it's a great idea to run this project, so many people have a computer and there is so much data to analyse. My compliment to the crew who makes this a happening for all people that have a believe we aren't alone in the BIG universe.
Take care! Mark.
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