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Hi, I live in "Hohen Neuendorf" a town at the northern border of Berlin in Germany. It is lovely quiet and green here, so it is no a miracle that the town had been a relaxing and retreating place in the early 10s of the 20th century.

My age is 32, I am married and my hobbies are (of course) the space and Sci-Fi (I loved STAR TREK: VOYAGER and love STARGATE ;-)), and Working-Out in my own gymn in the cellar. I worked for over seven years in the industry, but right now I am studying computerscience on the "FernUni Hagen" a modern german (partly virtual) university in Hagen.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1. There is defintealy life out there, why should be humans alone in the universe? We will discover it, when we are ready for it. We don´t have the right moral and understanding of peace to perform that enormous task, so we should handle our own different understanding of living together in the first place to find a state of a stable global peace. To do that, we all should ask within ourselves if we are on the right way, then begin with ourselves, then help others, giving them strength and assistance.
We could benefit of such a discovery if we forget everything we know, as we are ending humans, with a beginning and ending life, so with errors, then we will be able to see new things, without any restrictions of our own knowledge.
As we are humans, there is a grave danger of trying to take advantage of new discoveries without sharing them: will we be human and lawful enough to share? We had been told to share and to treat others like we want to be treated, that should never be forgotten.
Is the society ready for such a revalation? (See above about: global peace)

2. We already showed signs of our existence, and if there is life out there we can suppose it is smart enough to find a way to communicate with us (if they like ;-)) On the other hand, we should keep trying, a way for us to show that we care about outer space and other lifeforms. We should send data of our different cultures, important happenings/key events in those (Jesus, Mohammed, Bhudda, and so on).

3. SETI is important for all of us, altough a few don´t understand it. I want to participate in that project of the future, to expand our borders of mind and space!
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