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I am mgr of chemistry (mgr is title in Poland after
five years study). I am interested in computers, programing, and so
called network security :). Other hobbies is philosophy speciall in
buddism philosophy, medicine, addictions and recovery problem, mental
and physicall health and happyness. Of course I not mentioned
about extraterestial live which is obvious. My age is 36. Network
adminnistration & designing of medical instruments is my job.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home

Do you think extraterrestrial
life exists? If so, when and how will humans discover it? What are the
possible benefits and dangers of such a discovery?

Non existence of extraterestial live should be proven
first. The peoples in the past thouth that earth is centrum of universe
and killed men saying something opposite because it can knok down whole
system. Estabilishment want keep existing order so long as it is
possible because of obvious profits. Our todays sytuation in the "free
world" is quite similar. No one belive in geocentryzm and flat earth (but some clubs in G.B. :-)) no one burn whitches. We have our problem to solve
humanocentryzm - the belive that we are the "chosen one" by God.

When will we descover others rases? The answer is we are
probably already discovered by more advanced civilisations their
technicks gave them big advantage in hiding, observing, and penetrating
our planet. It is normal we do the same in Africa we observe animals
and primitive human societies. Advanced civilisations officially cannot
do anything until our world will not speak "one tounge" becouse their
official appearing can lead to III world war now. This civilisation can
only help (or harm) us in unoffcial way. I mean by colaborating with the inteligence of high developed countries. The SETI project can
only discover civilisations similar to ours which is near zero
probability. Less advanced live form like primitive beings i.e.
bacteria animals primitive extraterestial homosapiens is in area of
interest of ordinary scientists and cannot be discovered by SETI

Danger of discovering any extraterestial life form grows in order:

civilisations on 1st level:

- less primitive phisical life form then we are

civilisations on 2nd level:

- technical & phisical us l.f.

civilisations on 3th level:

- more technical advanced l.f. then we are

The danger of discowering is because of our humanocentryzm not of their
konquer traditions (3th lv). d

Unoficially we'll first probably find 3th lv. civilisation (i mean
they find us ) because their search area is bigger then our is. The
last one will be probably 1st lv. civilisations because their search
area is less then our is. But the interesting question is how will be
official version. It of course depends on politics and probably order
will be reversed :-). So SETI project in all cases will be not first
one (accordind to this thesis)

Should humans transmit a
beacon for others to find?
If so, what information should we send?

Of course not. We can send such signals after all
earth will be united under the one world goverment or something like
this (ONZ,UNESCO ?!). Sendings signals is stupidity. In the theory I
represent above we canot win anything sending signals but we can lose.
We cannot make connact with 1st lv. and 3st lv. civilisations. So what
for make contact with civil. similar to ours riscing discovering by
potential hostile 3st lv. civil.? I mean weak young animals should hide
until it grown even if it is eagle. The "stupid" 2st lv. civil.
probably does not exist. It leads to conclusion that smart 2st lv.
civil. do not intend to send signals for making contacts, so we do
either... Just listening.

Why do you run SETI@home?
What are your views about the project?
Any suggestions?

I am running SETI because it good social project
showing some problems with our thinking and social perception of the
univers, religions and life. It is good for testing overcloked
processors and system stability in hot conditions. SETI wins today not
in searching inteligent life but in educating and enlighting people.

What is my advice for seti team? You should change frequency to natural
ferequency emitted by 2st lv civil. The difficulty with such
obserwation should be solved by making big interferometring system
consisting with small radiotelescopes spreaded over the world and may
be including amator raditeleskopes. It should evoluate in this way in
other hand SETIs idea died without wining main goal.

Good luck SETI team

"if you cannot continue something by institution you can do this by
hobbyst society"

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