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Personal background
Hi there,

welcome to me profile. I am David and I am 33 Years old living in The Netherlands in The Hague. I'm currently unimployed. I have finished this year a study for ICT imployer, but still no luck to find a job. It's not easy in The Netherlands at the moment to find a job in it because the economics, but it will come inventually some day! :)

I like to play Lord Of The Rings Online and at the same time I crunch 24/7 for the 'SETI@NETHERLANDS' team. I started in the early days, did lose the login information, started again in 2002. True a system crached I did loose the information again, but in 2007 I received a mail if I wanted to started again and ever since I'm crunching 24/7 again. I even bought a Nvidia GTX480 of EVGA special for SETI@HOME crunching.

At the moment I only use me file-server a the main cruncher and me laptop (also were I play LOTRO on it at the same time, pore laptop, but he is holding hisplace for the time! :P )

So now you know who I am, what I do and what I have.

I like to do something back for the world, that's the reason I crunch for SETI (and that I like SCIFI!!! :P )
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I run SETI becourse I like SCIFI and I want to do something back for the world. Maybe there are other alien planets or not. I don't care what some one believes of thinks. I know there is more then life as we know it today. Now is the question: 'How can we reach them?'. If some one can do this, SETI will be the one. Now let us hope the we can find others in our open space abouve us!!! :)

I only can say to all the employies of the SETI team, keep up the very good job and let us all hope we finaly can find some thing in our open space!!!

If I had any suggestions for SETI, this will be try do split more services on more diffrent server or make backup system for it. This way there will be less downtime for SETI project and this way give more trust and reability to get the crunchers back who had left the SETI project! This way there are then more systems te crunch with and there for more and faster results!!!

Last word will be to keep up the good work and kick some aliën butt!!! :P ;) ^.^
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