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I like 1) Sci-fiction movie 2) Space and Universe programme on Discovery Channel and History Channel.

My new thought about Universe:
The Big Bang theory is wrong !
The microwave background are photons that have been traveled in space billions and billions of years, many of the photons were absorbed by cold matter and re-radiate away many times, it became photons in much lower frequency.
Just like matter particles (example neutrons) travel high speed in space will radiate away part of its' energy and slow down a bit. Photons too while travel in space will radiate away part of its' energy and red-shifted. Photons always travel at light speed, it lost a bit energy by red-shift. The amount of energy radiated away is very small, but if accumulate over billions and billions of years it become observe-able as red shift of the photons. Many of the photons have been traveled in space for so long that it red-shifted to microwave frequency.

The space of our Universe is full of photons travel in light speed in all direction. You have all type of wave from radio wave(of lowest frequency) to gamma ray(of highest frequency). All photons regardless of which direction they are traveling, will finally (soon or later) absorbed by blackholes, because blackholes curve space and bend light beams.
Universe is infinite, some photons could travel in space for 10 billion years, 100 billion years or event 1000 billion years, some photons will be absorbed by cold matter in space and than re-radiated as photons in other frequency, but soon or later it will encounter a blackhole in it's path and directly toward a giant blackkhole.

When photons traveling toward a giant blackhole (located at the center of galaxy), the photons will gain energy but photons are always travel at light speed (am talking about vacuum space). The photons increase energy by blue shifted. A photon in microwave frequency could blue shifted to gamma ray frequency in this way. There is a limit on how high frequency it can increase. When the frequency of the photons is too high, energy reached a maximum value, (near blackhole's event horizon), Quantum fluctuation created pair of matter particles and antimatter particles according to Einstein equation E=MC^2, here E=energy of the photon, M=Mass of the matter created. The antimatter particles will fall into blackhole, while the matter particles will be slingshotted at very high speed and fill the interstellar space of the galaxy. All matter in the galaxies' spiral arms came into existent through this way.
An example of matter being slingshot from the spinning center is "Spinning fireworks". When you light-up this firework, it will produce a pattern similar to spiral galaxy (captured video playback in slow motion).
But, off course, for spinning fireworks, all matter being slingshotted located at the center at the beginning. It die-out when all the the matter finish.
But for galaxies, the matter being slingshotted are continuously being created from energy (photons) according to Einstein equation E=MC^2. As long as there is energy(photons) supply to the center of galaxies, the matter will continuously being created and slingshotted.

Those slingshotted matter particles moving at very high speed and fill the interstellar space of the galaxies...over time will become protons and electrons and than hydrogen atoms, As time move on, hydrogen atoms attracted by gravitational force among themself will accumulate and form new Stars.
New Stars will go on their evolution.... supernovas spread the heavier elements into space, than planets forming from heavier elements.
Universe always existed. There is no beginning, there is no end.
Stars convert matter to energy (photons), Blackholes convert energy (photons) to matter. The famous Einstein equation E=MC^2 already stated that not only matter can be converted to energy, energy can also be converted back to matter. The particle accelerators experiment already show that energy can be converted back to matter. The particle accelerators can create a condition that mimic the condition of Blackholes event horizon. Scientists have observed that under this condition, matters are being created from energy.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Is interstellar space travel possible?
Well, after reading Carl Sagan's "Cosmos", I believe it is possible.

Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" Page 152:
"If we lived in an interstellar spacecraft that could accelerate at 1 g, we would find ourselves in a perfectly natural environment. In fact, the equivalence between gravitational forces and the forces we would feel in an accelerating spaceship is a major feature of Einstein’s later general theory of relativity. With a continuous 1 g acceleration, after one year in space we would be traveling very close to the speed of light [(0.01 km/sec2) x (3 x 107 sec) = 3 x 105 km/sec]."

But, where can you get the energy to push a spaceship at 1 g acceleration for one whole year? The answer is, fusion energy - by fusing deuterium+tritium atoms.
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