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Aloha! My make and model and year is Human, Male, and 1952 off of the creator's assembly line of creations! My better half and I have visited 5 of the 7 continents. Countries such as Australia, Germany, Korea and Turkey to name a few. Pictured is my son and grandson. We belong to BOINC Synergy and invite you to join us. It is a good site to monitor your efforts at SETI as they provide daily statistics, which few other clubs do. We believe that God and the theories of science are interdependent. We create because we were created. Ego: eases God out and we need to recognize and reconcile the two worlds of a material versus a spiritual life. Life is a spiritual struggle between the Holy Spirit and ourselves! We shouldn't serve money, money opposes God! Satan sits in the assembly to attack the faithful. Be spiritual not religous, Spirit is from God, religion is from man! Jesus Christ had a big problem with religion, which is why they tried to kill him but failed! Religion is a cultural reaction to the truth in an attempt to water down the truth to fit society. The Truth can stand on his own, he needs no lies to prop him up! I hope you know that the true Christ Jesus lives and hopefully he knows us and we are saved! Like our Creator we have 3 parts and we need and must develop all of ourselves to be well balanced and complete! Like any orderly house with a chain of command, the Spirit reigns over and in the mind and the mind reigns over and in the body. The Spiritual side of us is more important! That is why we are told to worship in Spirit and Truth, since we and God are Spirit and the Truth is JESUS CHRIST! Satan is a ego maniac liar; dead in spirit, weak in the mind and body! He sits in church to attack the faithful trying to ease God out. Some of Satan lies are as follows: The holocoust never happened, the U.S. is the great Satan, we never went to the moon and we attacked ourselves on September 11, 2001. All lies! Satan himself and his deceived demons carried out those sins. The United States itself is ripe for destruction with men lacking self-control and women dressing as whores along with drunks, pagans and the sexually perverse in pulpit instead of the pew! Legalized gambling financing 48 of the 50 states with the exception of Hawaii and Utah! Satan is a spirit as evidenced by the fruits of his labor and we should recognize a person by their fruit. We are lost without JESUS CHRIST! The 2008 financial credit freeze was used by the atheistic and socialistic wing of the Democratic Party to blow up the size of the U.S. Government and push us towards the financial cliff of bankruptcy! With all the technology in use; abortion; (apart from incest, rape or medical emergency) as a means of birth control is clearly and simply unnecessary and wrong! The law should be modified to reflect that! God is life. Please choose Life! He lives!
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We currently run SETI on several computers and enjoy shared computing power and doing our small part in it. Please consider joining BOINC Synergy. Zain Upton does a most excellent job in both of those sites. In my humble opinion, the best SETI club around from the many to choose from! Another worthy project is the World Community Grid. I have been running SETI classic since May 18,1999 which was the 19th anniversary of the return of Mt. St. Helen's to an active status, which I was fortunate enough to witness. We believe that there has to be life somewhere out there in the vastness of space and time or else it was just a terrible waste of space and time. The odds are on the side of life! The moon should serve as a vivid reminder of how our world could have been since both bodies formed at approximately the same time with the matter forming the moon coming from the area we now call the Pacific Ocean. The moon also helps keep our planet in balance. We are not alone and it would be an over-inflated ego who thinks we are. However, any intelligent ET would not want any contact with us until we realize we are one race, in one world, serving the one living generic God of us all and not some idols. God is knowledge, life, love and time and we should use that knowledge in life with love to progress in time. I don't have any proof that I can legally share with you that there is life elsewhere but that is what this good project is for... right? We should seek out other life forms in the universe. The odds of contact are remote. They are probably too far away to harm or help us. We should look for other planets or moons that are similarly situated near a stable star such as our sun. However, we should also prepare for the very possible demise of our own planet because of global warming brought on by the sun expanding from dark matter and Earth's slowly degrading orbit as well as the hole in the ozone layer, the last of which is the result of our poor stewertship over what we have been given! It does not have to be that way, this world can be saved. In consideration of that, I decided to also devote some of my spare computer time to We can't move to Mars, so we better take care of this planet we've been given! This planet may be consumed by fire, perhaps by a fire of our own if we can't stop the spread of nuclear weapons to the immature and irresponsible who with a male mentality and a thin theology based on rejecting Christ Jesus because he was Jewish, born without the help of a man and represents emancipation for all people! Mother Mary must have been quite a person to have handled that reality! Their desire is to abuse 1000 virgin women so they kill in the name of their false sexual god of death! Hopefully by then,(Lord willing) the outer planets such as Mars will have warmed enough to support our life there. We should shoot for the stars and we will reach Mars. Where there is water and light there may also be oxygen and life. On the way there we should also return to the moon. Someday soon contact will be made. We may be at their mercy if contact is made; so get ready! Get right with your maker and enjoy crunching your data. Christ lives! Good self-esteem comes from a good place. On the other hand Ego: Eases God out; which does not come from a good place but rather the pits of Hell. Try not to have an ego but rather good-self esteem by passing it on! Aloha in Christ Jesus!
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