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Personal background
I am a chemical analyst by training and a student of the natural sciences academically but I have a profound interest in all the sciences, particularly the areas of particle physics, astronomy, planetary ecology and propulsion/energy technology.
I enjoy all kinds of games and books (favourite authors include Bill Bryson Richard Dawkins Terry Pratchett Piers Anthony Issac Asimov Frank Herbert Tolkein..) and amateuring it up with my hobby sized telescope on the rare occasions when the sky is pollution free.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I believe that alien life is abundant in the cosmos, in any galaxy where 2nd generation stars exist.
I think that it is only a matter of time before we start detecting the radio signals of an alien civilisation, the 'supposed' lack of contact with aliens comes of no surprise to me given the vastness of our galaxy and the precise timing needed* for us to recieve alien radio signals.

I dont believe man is the only creature to have built and pointed radio telescopes toward the sky..maybe some beings somewhere are staring in bafflement at snowy images of Hitler shrieking his hatefull rhetoric to crowds of fanatical nazi supporters, images carried by electromagnetic waves broadcast 60 years ago but only just now reaching a planetary system 60 ly away (a small distance in galactic terms)

*In that they must have developed radio technology and have been broadcasting electromagnetic waves perhaps over thousands of years ago, in order for those waves to finally reach us at the right time (now) when we are technologically capable of recieving them de-coding them and inferring their point of origin.

Thus I strongly support this project and admire the unique way in which SETI aquires processor time to run it's data analysis.

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