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Hello to All,
I have just recently signed up for the SETI at home (JUNE 2002). I have been interested in astronomy and the possibility of the existance of extraterrestrial life since I have been old enough to remember anything. I am now 50 years old and so I have had 40 years to ponder the benifits and dangers.

I own and operate a design firm working mostly in the architectural design field doing residential, commercial, and institutional designs. I do however love flying so I have broadened the scope of work done in my firm over the past 19 years to incompass the aronauntical fields including Fixed Wing and Rotory Wing aircraft. Mostly doing modifications to existing craft and increasing their performance and enhancing their usability for leisure, utility, and increased cargo capacities.

I have assisted in the design of the infamous "CABLE CUTTER" and "NIGHT SUN" used on many Rotary Wing Aircraft seen today. I also had a hand in the "BUBBLE WINDOW" and "SLIDING DOORS" for the JetRanger and LongRanger. I have worked on numerous STC's for Cessna 172, 182, 210 and many others for increasing the horsepower ratings and updating everything from firewalls, engine mounts, and landing gear, to add-on cargo pods.

As far as astronomy goes, I have yet to have my personal and ultimate 16" scope for deep space exploration. One day I wish to have a complete monitoring system with automatic controls for dome operation and recording sessions. Until then, I shall have to rely on the "BIG BOYS" and the input they receive.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
SETI@home not only provides a useful interface for the average person, but also gives the ability to have thousands and thousands of otherwise idle computers help with the search. Without these volunteers, it would take many more years than it has to unravel and screen all of the data that we have received thus far. Take a look at your next unit's date and you will see that we are still several years behind in screening the data.

With more participation from SETI@home users, perhaps we can get up to date and have somewhat of a realtime look at the vast amounts of information that is received on a daily basis. Who knows, you could be the one to help find that ET that has eluded us thusfar.

I can only hope that if we are taking the time to use our computers for the search, that those receiving our computer data analysis will share with us anything of significance that we have uncovered, be it large or small, even if it shows but the smallest possibilities or unusual intances of disturbances.

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