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Personal background
Greetings to the people of planet Earth and of course to any of our Alien visitors that happen to be reading this ;) I live in that most peaceful of countries called Northern Ireland, please feel free to join our wee group.

I live in Glengormley, I am aged 53, married with two lovely daughters and now one lovely wee grandson Jason :) and our beautiful granddaughter Katy.

I follow the N Ireland international football team, yes that great wee team that beat England 1-0 in September 2005 and also beat Spain 3-2 in September 2006 :):)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I am convinced that Alien life does exist. There has to be somewhere better than this planet to live on. Of course we have to hope that these Aliens are peaceful, because if they can cross space to visit us before we can get to them and they are not peaceful we are all DOOMED :) The possible benefits far outweigh the possible dangers, things like cures for incurable diseases and of course the threat of a far superior military force could make all the war mongers stop waging war.

We should definitely launch some sort of beacon, just dont include any adverts for McDonalds, Burger King or places like that, as that would scare the Aliens off.

I would like to be the person to find that elusive signal that proves life on distant planets does exist, it would show that N Ireland is good for something other than making for good ratings on the American news programs ;)
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