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Personal background
The name Palomar Jack is barrowed from the name given to the mountain that Palomar Observatory is located on, Mt Palomar. While stationed at Camp Pendleton and for a while after while living in the area I would go on camping trips to Palomar. The Jack part of the name is just something I stuck on because Palomar Chuck doesn't work.

I have an interest in science in general and amateur astronomy, amateur radio, computers and electronics, in particular.

I live in Lancaster Calif. With my wife of over ten years, Kathie. I work as an auto mechanic in a shop about a half-mile (1 Km) from my apartment. An in depth knowledge of computers is required these days for this work, so I'm right at home. I also have a computer at work that is mine, one of the tools of the trade, just like a set of wrenches.

Our Seti Farm consists of:

Main/general purpose PC, Jake, AMD Athlon 2200+ overclocked to 2.0 Ghz.

Auxilary, office and workbench, Elwood, Athlon XP 1700+ overclocked to 1.7 Ghz.

At work an Intel PIII 667Mhz.

The below are not active on BOINC but may be in the future:

My wife's general purpose PC, AMD K6-2 500 Mhz.

Dell Lattitude CP 233 Laptop.

Many people "recruit" other machines not owned by them, that's their prerogative. But to us it's not "their numbers", we wish to do this with our own resources. In the future, I may add an Athlon XP 64 of some kind, just for BOINC processing.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
The Seti@Home organization can never succeed as a government entity. To think otherwise is foolish at best. After all, it only gained momentum after it was privatized and began using the "distributed computing" concept. Keep Seti@Home private and voluntary and more people will be encouraged to stay or join, this I'm sure of.

ET is not some "Big Brother" that's going to come and save us from our selves. We don't need it anyway. Also, it is a distinct possibility that the universe might fit the "Young Universe" model and we are among the first intelligent life to appear. That doesn't mean that they're not out there, just not numerous. If that's the case, we will be the "Old Ones", "Ancients" or whatever one wishes to call it. We should also take the initiative and act the part. That means an education in something useful like math, reading and the sciences and not stigmatizing hard work and responsibility. After all, it is our duty as the dominant intelligence of this world to push the limits of that intelligence, no matter where it leads or the dangers involved to get there.

Just as I give my fellow man "a benefit of the doubt", I also give someone from another world equal benefit. However, inviting contact could be dangerous. To date, too many people think of others not of their religions as infidels, what would they think of someone not of this world? Also, I think the chance is very tiny, but still, what if they are hostile? We're not ready for such an encounter, yet. Don't tempt fate, besides, "A closed mouth gathers no feet".
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