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Personal background
Hi. I'm from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I'm 57 and retired as a system administrator in an engineering school. I like airplanes and regularly fly all sorts of planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have accumulated more than 3000 hours of free and controlled flight most of those in real time.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I can't possibly imagine we would be alone in the universe.
Life has such a will and occurs in the oddest of places.
Will we find it?
I don't know. Probably not during my life time.

The probability that two species on distant worlds would
simultaneously be able to transmit and receive
signals may be very small but we have to try.

I believe that finding other beings would create a
revolution in the way we think about the universe and
I do not believe that our technology or that
of others will ever evolve a la Startrek and
that we'll ever be able to travel fast enough to meet
extraterrestrial beings.

If life is evenly distributed in the universe, chances are
that other beings would be far enough that the time
required to send a message and get an answer would
take more than a life time here on earth.

We would have to send the totality of what we know and of
what we've done and been.

Why I run Setiathome? Because I hate to see powerful computers wasting cpu cycles.
When Setiathome is over, I intend to crunch numbers
for other projects like medical research, genetics,
environmental research,... that can benefit
all mankind.
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