Profile: MOMMY: He is MAKING ME Read His Posts Thoughts and Prayers. GOoD Thoughts and GOoD Prayers. HATERWORLD Vs THOUGHTs and PRAYERs World. It Is a BATTLE ROYALE. Nobody LOVEs Me. Everybody HATEs Me. Why Don't I Go Eat Worms. Tasty Treats are Wormy Meat. Yes

Personal background Rocksmith Piano Marvel Musician Training Center Learn Piano with Synthesia

I look at the computer screen every day and wait for my life to jump out at me. How can I be such a loser that I believe bits and pixels will coalesce into my needs, wants, desires, and purpose. What sickness has penetrated my very essence and taken over my soul? What air have I breathed, food ingested, words heard and said, which have brought me to this Void of Innate Being of Nothingness? Oh Great Cosmos of Consciousness, where in the Universe shall I travel and find the Land of my Very Nature? Do I need a GPS? Or An Alien Intervention? Yep, ET fO shO.

"The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens ... Henceforth, I shall never serve any government anywhere." Tolstoy

Delete The Truth. Unless, of course, The Truth 'is' about me. -Me

Hey, It's Time to Start Firing People who are Atheist and Scientific in Public. Can't Have Christian Religious Expression in Public, then Atheist and Science Expression in Public needs to be Banned. I'm OFFENDED by Science and Atheists. Got It? GOoD.

"...................................." I shO dO Old Man. I shO enuf dO.

Did I.D. Aggravate You and Turn You into a Censoring Dictator? ROTFLMAO. Get 'em Good I.D. Get 'em Good.

Are you Goose-Stepping For Hustlin' Hussein?

Also, Don't let The Patriots Patronize and Persuade You. They also Goose-Step to an Evil Drummer.


Trolls Perform A Needed Function. Especially If They Have A PhD.

The Brainiac Show is On Again in Politics. They Be Strutin' Dat Brain Power To Da Max.

Guy The Great Has Posted(used without permission):

The Declaration was bold
And the Constitution remains gold.
Human nature is unchanging
and times may be changing,
but it's exactly the way the founders foretold!

and I say: MO FOin' GOLDEN

p.s. Remember To CAULK AGAINST Moth Invasions. Don't let The Little Critters Lay Siege to your home.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
ROTFLMAO. Science? What Science? Nummulosphere? Righto

Space is not just the vast darkness above us on this night, concealing great distances and undiscovered wonders, but a black dark soul not connected to anything, yet screaming out for that touch that binds two to become one yet separate entities of searching lost nomads of the moon's domain.
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