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Personal background
I'm a 19 year old guy from the UK lending a hand in the search for life "out there". I work in an off license and a bar and still manage to be completely broke.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Do you think extraterrestrial life exists? If so, when and how will humans discover it?

Ok... we've all seen Star Trek/Star Wars and all the rest of the Sci-fi stuff, and I am, myself, a fan of Star Trek, but I think it would be safe to say that there are other life forms out there. There has to be... it's really selfish and obnoxious of us to believe that we are the only beings in existance *at all*. When and how is anybodies guess. When could be when they want to be found, or when our techonology becomes that advances we realise life lived on the moon. :oP

What are the possible benefits and dangers of such a discovery?

Benefits... hmmm... tricky one. Trading. Trading of supplies and technologies.

Should humans transmit a beacon for others to find? If so, what information should we send?[/b]

I think we should. We should just generally describe ourselves (not individually, obviously.) I would say explain that we're not a harnful race, but I'm sure we all know that the first sign of life all earths major scientists would be at it like a shot disecting it, and also with all the wars going on, at least we wouldn't be lying to them.

Why do you run SETI@home?[/b]

I run SETI@home because I would like to be part of the millionswide task force chewing on the radio signals looking for life.

[b]What are your views about the project?

The project is a great idea, I think. It means the program can use peoples computers to process the data and that people can be part of the whole project (Did I just repeat myself?) But yes, the project is a trully great idea.
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