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My name is Kevin Beasley, and I live in Kent in England. I am 43, been married for 17 years, have 3 children, and work as a self-employed programmer.
I have been fascinated about "what's out there" since I was very young - I remember being allowed to stay up late to watch Neil Armstrong step onto the moon.
I enjoy reading, watching and collecting science fiction and fantasy stuff, often to my wife's annoyance (I have the full set of Babylon 5 on VHS), and meet regularly with a group of friends to play various FRP game systems (AD&D, Rolemaster, Shadowrun, etc.).
I also enjoy motorcycling, and currently own a Suzuki GSX750F which I use most days for commuting to work. It's also a great way of rid of a bad day at the office on the way home.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I believe that life does exist out there on a planet somewhere. Whether it is anything like we expect in terms of form or intelligence is another matter entirely. As I often point out to sceptics, it only has to be a moss to prove life exists elsewhere.
The benefits are obvious - the possibility of new worlds to colonise and utilise (hopefully more carefully than we do this one), new plants that could provide new treatments and cures for illnesses that are not curently available. If contact is made with another lifeform, intelligent or not, who knows what else we may learn about our universe.
However the dangers are equally obvious - dangerous lifeforms, germs and viruses to mention just a few.
I'm not sure that transmitting a beacon is a good idea - you never know who is going to receive it. With the Viking probes we even sent out a map on how to find us.
I run SETI@Home because even if it doesn't prove anything either way, I still believe something is out there, and it's great to be part of a global group of people who all believe the same thing.

It would be nice to find something though................
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