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I personally think that there are huge possibilities that other planets in our Universe are currently hosting some form of life, and that some of them could host life at least as evolved as us. It would be a waste of space, if we were the only living beings in the whole Universe. Plus, considering that there are billions of galaxies, and that each of them consists of billions of stars, and some of those stars could have planets, and some of those planets could have the right characteristics, the possibilities of extraterrestrial life are consistent. I think that humans will discover extraterrestrial life within the next 100 years, if we will not be discovered first. The possible benefits of contacting and meeting an extraterrestrial life are improvements in technology and science. In fact, I believe that there could actually exist extraterrestrial forms of life that are more evolved than we are, and this could represent an improvement of our own knowledge, if they would be available to share that information. Obviously, there could also be dangers in this, that is that extraterrestrial forms of life might be hostile towards us. But I don't believe that they would travel for light-years only to destroy us, or to conquer our world. I think that we should transmit a beacon for others to find, so that we would have more possibilities to contact any form of life that is ready to listen to our messages. The information that we should send should be written in a kind of code that would be easy to be translated and decoded (something extremely logic and widely understood, such as math). We should send them information about the human being, his anatomy, and all our discoveries in the fields of technology and science. I run SETI@home because I am very interested in this, and I want to help and contribute in the research of extraterrestrial life. I seriously believe in what that the project is carrying on, and I hope that its results will be positive and shorten the time of a possible contact of other forms of life.
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