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Personal background
So, about me... I'm just your average, run-of-the-mill, everyday raver-technopagan-poet-Mac Guru-femgeek. :)

I'm 23, have 3 cats and an iMac DV SE (G3/450, 128Mb/13Gb, cablemodem) drive a Neon (rear deck covered with bumperstickers, nicknamed 'the Paganmobile' by friends and officially named Cassieopaeia for one of the constellations she was assembled under), and spend my free time either a) flying kites, b) playing on FurryMUCK (Kythonnais) c) reading (everything from Shakespeare to Stephen King,) or d) out on the town/playing pool/camping with my friends. When asked why I can identify constellations on command I shrug and point to the button on my jacket -- "Celestial Mechanic -- Inclined to be Eccentric." :) Oh yes, I'm a computer geek for a living, too -- HP and AIX Unix and NT 4.0 LAN/WAN admin. Am I boring? Only when I'm sleeping.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I joined SETI@home for quite a few reasons. One, I love the stars. Love them. I like watching them, I like learning about them, and I would love to visit them, up close and personal. As John Varley says, "without an annoying atmosphere". (Points for you if you recognize the source of the quote.) Of all the classes I took in my (admittedly short) college career, the only two I DIDN'T drop out of were Astronomy and English. As to whether or not SETI (or any other like-minded organization) or homosap in general will make contact with extraterrestrial life -- I don't know. But I believe that it's absolutely ludicrous to believe we're the Only Ones Out Here. I'm just of the mind that we're not yet advanced enough to 'notice' them. (Or they us - did it ever occur to everybody that maybe we'll be -their- first contact, too?) Whether or not our respective species would benefit from such contact is entirely relative to our respective levels of evolution. Who knows -- maybe we've already met them. (Mitochondria? Housecats? Rocks?) Maybe they got one look at us and took off running. Maybe their base elements are so different from ours (ie silicon rather than hydrogen, etc) that we wouldn't even have noticed them in our great quest for the Unknown.
However, if we're going to try and get their attention, perhaps we ought to send something a bit more pertinent to us as a species/culture. Art and music are all fine and good, but we at least ought to be truthful -- how about some video-feeds of the last couple of wars? The plans for an H-bomb? A chart of the long-term effects of the by-products of millions of internal combustion engines on the planetary atmosphere? A picture via SEM of Ebola Zaire? The chemical diagram of heroin? I mean...fair's fair, after all.
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