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Been a sci-fi nut since I can remember. First TV show I can remember was an old 1930s Flash Gordon with Buster Krabbe in it.

I believe there are other intelligent races out there. Like sane people, you only have to look up in the sky and realise that though they may not look like, act like or think like us, it doesnt mean that they arent there. Only dolts believe we are the only intelligent life in the universe much like only dolts believe the universe spins around Earth.

So what would I do if I met a real, live admitted and proven alien from another world?

1) Possibly be lost for words.
2) Ask for a ride on the space ship (assuming it was a space ship the alien came in on)
3) Ask if there is any way I can study that person's race.
4) Shit my pants.

Personally, I vote for number 4 to happen!
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I run Seti to help find intelligent life but I think you are wrong if all you are scanning for is radio waves and the like. What in the world makes you think that they would be so low tech and also that any waves from a place out there like we are today would be able to reach here unaffected? You'd basically need a net of your radio receivers set out over light years to catch them anyway. They propagate and expand!

Personally, I would suggest looking for the inexplicable. You know the old saying that goes something like "In the absence of explanation, whatever remains must be the truth even if unidentifiable". Well, use what we know to identify that which we can identify then look for the difference between our sum of knowledge and the sum of what you have gathered then investigate that difference. It may hold the clue. Had you thought of doing the inverse to what you are doing? Eg, not just RECEIVE but SEND wide spectrum pulses OUT and see what bounces BACK that you just sent and measuring and inspecting that?

Of course we really should be looking at things that sci-fi nuts would be telling you to look at but then you have probably heard a million such things by now and class all such people as nuts, at best.

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