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I am a student currently studying computer graphics for Digital Animation and Special Effects as well as a freelance writer and DJ. I've written 2 novels with the third and final one on the way as well as a host of other series planned out. I draw and do computer graphics (which is good as that is my major :P) using modelling programs like Rhino3D (primary) and Terragen or Bryce (both secondary). I live in Michigan and live in the upper peninsula which gives me many opportunities to mountain bike, hike, swim and run. It's a great place in the summer though the winters are just dreadful and nobody want's to live there. I currently attend Michigan Technological University and will be attending CCS Detroit next year for digital animation and U of M in the summers for my Creative Writing minor. I also enjoy reading (Especially fantasy/sci-fi and if it's anthro that's a huge plus) like the Redwall Series, Dune, Myst, and The Blood Jaguar not to mention the books by Paul Kidd. I am also the DJ of the famous PsyQuest and Forest Trance mix series.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think ETs do exist out there somewhere. The universe is just too vast and the same elements that combined to create life on earth have to exist in a multitude of other places. I'm not sure how humanity will go about detecting life on other planets and one thing that has always intriqued me is the possibility of another species carrying out their own search for ET life. Would they be able to detect ancient radio and television broadcasts from earth and if so what would they think of our history interred within them?

The stars have always fascinated me and I think finding life on other worlds is perhaps the most important discovery the human race must make; regardless if the species we find is hostile or benevolent. Perhaps it will give us a greater identity of who we are as a race and teach us a thing or two about how we should interact with each other (let alone a whole new species). The possibilities for what we could learn and share are simply endless!
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