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My name is David, I'm 19, I currently reside in Sunny Arizona, USA.(i say sunny, but its actually hotter than hell) I like to design graphics, play games, rip dvds, burn cds, and crawl the web looking for useless information =/(don't lie, u do it too) Favorite progs are Photoshop(ofcourse), Lightwave, and Flash. Favorite games are Counter-strike and Starcraft.

system specs(soon to change) : P4 2Aghz, 512 ddr266

various quotes:
"There's a thin line between Genius and Insanity, and I walk that line every day." -unknown

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge points to everything we know and understand, imagination points to what we have yet to discover and create." - Albert Einstein

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
SETI is THE Search.. of all searches. The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. You would have to be blind or just plain stupid to not understand the importance of such a discovery. Life as we know it, in more aspects than i could imagine, would forever be changed. To think about two different intelligent beings, two totally different evolutionary paths, the differences in technologies could be monumental. I often think about what life on Earth will be like after First Contact has been made, and like in Star Trek, I have no doubt it will be the single most uniting moment of mankind. People will see that there is actually someone out there who is Really different from us, making our own differences seem preposterous. We wont be influenced by such things as skin color or social standard. white or black will no longer be associated with, but we will see eachother as one race. To me this is, if not the technological gains(which i'm sure would be astounding), the greatest benefit from this encounter. I Highly Highly doubt(atleast I hope) that other centiant beings would be hostile. You have to believe that if they are at all in the least bit like us, that they would have to embrace friendship, and for that matter life aswell. Other Intelligence will understand the vastness of space, probably alot more than us, and will know that life is very hard to encounter, especially intelligent life, so why be hostile? its not like we're gonna run out of Space o.O? it still cant be left out of the realm of possibility, but id like to think its highly unlikely..
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