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Personal background
My name is Fontani Marco.
I'm from Leghorn (italian: Livorno), Italy.
I'm 22, born on 25 September 1980.
I'm currently employed in a company that deals with automation (italian: Domotica), called Lifetronic s.r.l., in the Research & Development Business Unit. This company is in Pisa, near Livorno.
Hobbies.. hmm. I have a band, called "Nitwit", and we play punk rock. I'm the singer/guitarrist.
Other hobbies.. oh yeah :) I'm the implementor (coder) of a MUD (Multi User Dimension), a text-only multiplayer game. This game is called Anacronia, which stand for "anachronistic".
I don't think I have other things to say.. I like beer, expecially Guinness :)

Fontani Marco - R&D Business Unit - Lifetronic S.r.l.
Phone: 39 050 3160529
Mobile: 39 328 8355236
Okram In'Atnof - WIZ @ AnacroniAMUDv3
Ultima Spiaggia, 1 - Ray Bohr (IdS) Gaia
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1) I think extra-terrestrial life exists: we live on a planet, our sun has a dozen planets and one hosts life.. There are billions of billions of planet, suns, and galaxies out there: how can I dare to say that we are alone?
I think that we'll discover extra-terrestrial life, but only if we'll stop doin' wars between us: we are one. I don't know about the benefits that the discovery of extra-terrestrial life could bring us, I don't know to be optimist or pessimist in this, but trying being realist I can say that out there can be good or bad races, good or bad people.. more or less as here we've got bad people and good people, or a mix: nothing is ever all black or all white.. things tend to be a mix, like greys :)

2) Yes, we should send it. We should send information that shows the "five w's" about us: who we are, where we are, when we are (our time-line, or a time-line based on the big-bang thing, or something like that), ecc.

3) I run seti@home because some time ago many things happened to me, related to the extra-terrestrial life.. I began reading books on this, trying to know more, but I also want all the people to know about it. I run seti@home because it's the "my 2 cents" to the research :)
My views about the project are that seti@home should not limit himself to the arecibo receiver, but should be ran by all the receivers in the world :)

No suggestions, except that the dos-client, IMHO, should have a -background thing that allows to run it in background and not in a dos-box =)

Fontani Marco.
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