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Personal background
Hello to all from Toledo, OH. My name is Richard Roth and I am self employed as a "Computer Repair Technician". I discovered “Seti@Home” while working on a client computer a couple of weeks ago. I asked my client about it and he proceeded to tell me all about the project and I was instantly taken with it! I have been infatuated with computers since 1991. I hold a degree in “Computer Science” but have found that there is quite a demand for good technicians here locally and the money is relatively plentiful in this field. I like the great outdoors like, camping, fishing, and so on. During the winters here in Ohio I like to go to upper Michigan where the air is fresh, crisp, and stimulating. I hope to see someone get a GREAT signal with Seti@home!
Warmest regards to all!
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Personally I don't doubt there are other life forms of some nature out there. It wouldn't be logical for us to be the only beings in the universe. I'm a believer of the “Extra Terrestrials”. My theory is that we evolved from some organisms on or after the creation of the universe that got to Earth and over millions of years we evolved into who we are. I think that those single celled organisms that started life on Earth, most definitely exist elsewhere in the universe. The main reason I run Seti@Home is for the possibility of finding other life forms on or above our level of intelligence and that I'm helping with a worthy cause in finding such life. Hopefully, if we do make contact, I hope it’s not hostile! We should have beacons orbiting the Earth sending a message of some sort in every language that we have here on Earth in hopes of a response.
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