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Personal background
Hi out there,
I'm a free-lance computer programmer and i live in western germany, close to the dutch border.
i grew up on the countryside and then spent many years in big cities like berlin and amsterdam.
i love animals and have two dogs (pitbull and rottweiler)myself and every day i use to walk with them for hours through the nearby woods.
also i'm interested in foreign cultures, especially in native americans, who i admire for their view on nature, environment and all living things....
professionally i'm self-employed and at the moment i'm busy with a project on artifcial intelligence.
my girl-friend always is complaining about me spending too many hours behind the computer - in fact she is calling me right now - so i keep this snappy and hope to have given you a short impression of my daily life .......
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
About the seti@home-project:
generally i'm absolutely convinced that we're not alone in the universe and that our planet has been visited by alien lifeforms through the ages.
when i look at the sky during night time and see the endless number of stars it seems logical to me that there has to be other life but considering the fact that our civilisation is still young and the distances are so big i fear it will take many many centuries for us to really be able to go there and check for other systems where life might have evolved...
on the other hand it is very important for us humans at the present stage to really have proof that we're not alone. this knowledge could help us a lot in becoming one world without races (or racism), nations and war and could teach us that we're all part of a greater thing...
so in my oppinion every effort made in this direction is worth a try.
i first heard about seti in the beginning of the nineties and later i watched the movie "contact" with jody foster, which gave me a little impression about what seti is like
when i heard about the seti@home project i didn't hesitate to contribute cpu-time 'cause it makes sense and because i want to be the first man that will be sent to our neighbours (*gg).....
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