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My name is Anthony. I was born on July 8, 1972, in Tilburg, The Netherlands.
I've been into computers since the early 80's.

At the moment I'm 'legally job incapable' (since 1999) because of the reason that I don't want to live anymore. Life sucks for me. And my government violates my human rights by violating article 3 of the Official UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was signed by most Western Countries. The US government also wanted to violate the same human rights when I was overthere in 1997.

For the latter years I can't find any enjoyment in life anymore. Not even with computers which always was a big hobby of mine. My life is empty, I've been all alone (for a lot of years), I'm very lonely and just lying in bed waiting to die.

The longer I live, the more reasons I develop for wanting to die.

I've sent numerous emails to my government, to the media and some other organisations (mostly national) about my situation, all without result.

This email I've sent to the 'Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights' on Februari 27, 2009, and a copy to the 'Council of Europe' on March 3, 2009:

I have a question about 'Human Rights' and I didn't know where to send it so I sent it to this email addres. I hope you can deliver this email to the right person.

My question is:

Why is it okay for western governments to violate human rights, but not for e.g. the nation China, Saddam Hussain, Osama Bin Laden or a Milosevic, who is/was on trial at 'The International Court of Law', which is seated in the nation I live in, the Netherlands, that violates the human rights of children. I was a victim in the past when I was a child, and as an adult I am a victim again. I have to pay (I must pay because I'm legally job incapable) for medical insurance, but doctors deny me treatment, and I informed the government about it. They don't care as they feel it is okay to violate human rights, as long as it is done through rule of law.

So having 'The International Court of Law' in the Netherlands is proof by itself that it is okay for western world nations to violate human rights.

While I was in the USA in 1997-1998, people in the USA wanted to violate my human right by 'rule of law' too. So the USA has also laws to violate the human rights of innocent people. And my guess is there are more western world countries like the Netherlands and the USA that feel it's okay to violate the human rights of innocent people.

If it's okay for countries like those mentioned to violate human rights, then it is okay for everybody to violate human rights, including a Hitler, Sadam Hussain, Milosevic, you and me.

A little violation of 'Human Rights', is still a violation of Human Rights. And my 'Human Rights' have been violated for a total of almost 20 years, and nobody in my nation cares about it. Like your organization, they also feel it is okay to violate 'Human Rights' a little (as long as it doesn't bother them I guess).

So a little human rights violation is okay I guess. So what is a little? Murder, rape or forced living, forced schooling?

As I said, a little violation of 'Human Rights', is still a violation of Human Rights.

So is there someone that can answer me:
a. Why my 'Human Rights' are being violated?
b. Is violation of 'Human Rights' okay if the victim isn't locked up (i.e. in a prison)?
c. Why violation of 'Human Rights' is okay for nations like the Netherlands, the USA and probably other western world nations?
d. Why those nations (and the people governing them) are hypocrits, and why they are members of the UN, probably making it a hypocritical organization?
e. Why the USA always defends their way of life on the territories of others/enemies?
f. If it is okay as an act of self-defense, to kill the people currently responsible (prime minister Balkenende, and his ministers) for the continuation of the violation of my (and all Dutch children's) human rights, after having my rights (article 3 and 5 of the universal declaration) being violated for almost 20 years?

If the answer to the last question is 'no', then explain why the USA invaded Iraq the second time, why police forces uses weapons, why UN-members have/uses weapons and build them, etc. etc. etc.?

Awaiting an answer,
high regards,

Anthony ___ ___ _____.
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