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I am currently a Network Engineer and from Seattle, WA USA. I enjoy computers, Amateur radio, and new concepts.

Recently, I have had quite a bit of involvement with a group called SeattleWireless. Using technologies like 802.11b, the goal is to construct a completely autonomous and fully meshing community wireless network. Bringing the Internet down to community-sized scale will prove to be very useful -- once we come up with a good way to do it, that is.

The problems that exist range anywhere from mesh routing problems to general human nature. It has been one of the most intriguing problems I have encountered recently. It requires expertise and people of all sorts. Accountants, computer experts, woodshop skills, pole climbers, you name it.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Religious beliefs or not, there is a lot of space out there. I really doubt God would waste all that energy for our simple entertainment pleasure. But sometimes I ponder if its nothing more than an elaborate setting one would put into a fish tank.

Assuming that there are other fish in this tank, I believe humans will eventually find extraterrestrial life. If not green men, possibly bacteria or other small organisms.

Humans have to be very careful when interacting in a foreign environment. Cross-contamination between the two worlds could prove deadly for both societies. Bacteria, plants, and animals with no natural predators could possibly be many times worse than the gypsy moth or a frog invasion in Australia.

On regards to intelligent alien life, I doubt many will attempt to harm us. The planet Earth and its resources stick out like a sore thumb. If an advanced alien society wished to take it out from under us, it would have already been done long ago. We may even be under some sort of "protection", as humans protect endangered species and set aside wildlife habitats.

I believe discovery of another intelligent society would be infinitely beneficial to humans. Suddenly, races will not mater much anymore, since we will instantly be classified as the Human race. Whether our society is mature enough not to attack or discriminate against another intelligent life form is a completely different matter.

The technology "boost", if the other party decides to provide such goods, could greatly increase our standard of living. Although, our culture would never be the same again.

Humans should be transmitting a beacon in the waterhole for other societies, at our level for example, to find. A very simple, universal pattern (I really like the prime number concept from Contact) should be used. A slow pulsing CW signal would be perfect. We could spend all day guessing what aliens would be looking for too, but we can’t assume that this society has the same, exact though process as we possess.
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