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Alan Levinson
Southern Alabama
Truck Driver, but at current down with ruptured Disc.
Very strong believer in the Indian Spiritualality.
They just seem to do naturally what we should do but dont want to .

My favorite quote is from the song by Charlene, "Never Been to Me",

'Do you know what Paradise is.
It is a Lie, a fantasy we create about people and places as we would like them to be.
Do you know what truth is.
It is that little baby you are holding.
The person you fought with this morning
The same one you are going to make love to tonight
Thats Truth, Thats Love
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Do I think ALF is out there. Well if there isn't a smarter life form out there then we are in severe trouble.

We will meet our brothers when the time is right. when they considered to be be sane enough not to pop a missle or HERF em or laser or some stupid thing that our leaders would do in our(snicker snicker) best interest.

I don't see to many dangers for us as long as we have a cool head and dont attack on first site.

The benefits, well let's see, better medical treatments, better life styles where every one is equal in all things, like to say no more stupid hatred but that would take a while. Probably be the last bad human thing to go. The ability to use our brain to 100% in stead of the limited % we now have.

Shoulld we transmit a beacon, well we have been sending out radio waves for what 90 years and @ 186282mps*60*60*24*365.25*Xyears since first broadcast well my puter is getting old and dont want to burn up the CPU so i'll let you do the math. But build a special transmitter to send a certain signal I would have to say NO!!!!

Now as to why I run SETI well it makes use of my puter to a decent extent and maybe we will hear something one day. I personally think that ALF would have a much more dependble way of communicating, like thought waves which I guess we could monitor somehow, or artificial signals that travel billions of light years in a nanosec
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