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Interested in unexplained phenomena, especially the ufo identifications and mis-identifications as they have been reported since the late 40s'.
This is an area of study that needs to be shared more openly by Govt with the public. If this happened, maybe members of the scientific community wouldn't be afraid to participate in arial phenomena investigations and studies for fear of ridicule and lost credibility. I am a proponent of the ET theory and the Multi-Dimensional theory (also known as parallel universe theory), which I believe accounts for some of these unknowns. Of course I do not totally refute the Time Travellers from the Future theory which has some merit -The Philadelphia Experiment- not withstanding, both supports and in some ways and advances this theory, referring to books generated about this anomalous event. I believe clandestine Govt agencies either by intent and or by accident have caused events to "breach public awareness" that only fuels the search for the truth. SETIs search as noble as it may be, could be resting its hopes on technology that is so primitive by ET standards that masking detection would be the least of ETs worrys. They (ET) could be using a technolgy so far beyond 21st century that coming into total contact with them could change the paradigm we live in. This would explain the inhibitive nature of contact claimed by abductees. The visionlike dribbling out of info by ET regarding future portents, cataclysmic events,and the planets ecology would support this.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I believe humans have already made contact, question is-how far into our past was initial contact first made. Sumerians? Ancient Egypt? Maybe predates both?

I think contact always brings inherent dangers, like that of the anthropologist who trys to be the observer but trys to remain unobserved. This is almost impossible and as result interaction almost always results in affecting change in the ones being studied or observed. The question is, is this change of a societies technology a positive influence.

I agree with transmitting a signal for those civilizations more advanced than us but still familiar with primitive radio wave technology.

Images of man-women, DNA helix, molecular blueprint of carbon & water, mathematical greeting.

On the chance there will be a discovery(response) in my lifetime.

Project is well grounded in the science of our time, maybe this approach will give us the potential for other discoveries about the universe.
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