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My name is Rich and I am come from all over. I currently live outside NYC and I love it here although I do miss my old home which was Arizona. If you ever have the chance to go there, do it, its worth it. I am 34 now (ugh, I was 17 when I started how the time flies) and livin' life to the fullest. Currently I am a Senior Vice President of Investments at a large regional brokerage firm, and I love my work. Computers are and always have been my life. In my prior life, I was an IT Professional and will always be an IT geek at my core. I do like other things as well though, I love hanging out with my two boys and showing them the world. Any other spare time that I have in between all of that goes to my lovely wife!!!

Anything IS possible. That is a belief I have held all my life. That's why I participate in this program. I am in one of the original registration classes, having registered 1 month after SETI@Home started. On to my comments about SETI!!!
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Nota bene, these comments are based on the original profile questions:

Q: Do you think ET exists?

A: I absolutely think ET exists! The statistical possibility alone says that if humans were able to develop on Earth, then there MUST be similar life on other planets elsewhere in the universe. Besides, its kinda depressing to think that humans could be the ONLY intelligent life form in the universe. We are pretty dumb species as a whole. At least as a group, not as individuals. If we do find Mr. ET, my guess it won't be anytime soon that you or I will ever see, which is sad 'cause I like to be around when it happens. On the other hand, I dont know if I would want to be around since if they are hostile, it could very quickly turn into some freaky episode of The Outer Limits.

Q: Do you think we should send out a signal to let other life know we are here?

A: I don't think humans should broadcast where we are. The idea is nice but let us find them first, that is of course assuming they dont already know we are here. This could give the human race the upper hand, should we discover they are some dominant species like in Independence Day. heh, can you tell I like movies? If we were to send a signal though, it should be something that says "hi we are here", but doesnt say precisely where, just that we are here.

Q: Why do you run Seti@Home?

A: I run Seti@Home because of three reasons:
1) I have CPU cylces to spare and it makes for a cool screen saver(even though now I just run it as a background service versions and no more GUI).
2) My goal is to become #1 on the list (Like this will even happen, unless I create some enormous PC cluster)
3) I think it is for a good 'cause being alone sucks.
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