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Hi there i am 28 yrs old and a single mum. My son is 7 yrs old. I live in the united kingdom in the north west. I am 5 ft 4 brown eyes and hair. Im really into astronomy but still only at the beginer stage would love to hear form anyone who enjoys this subject. If you want to know more take a visit to this site it will tell you all about me..... brighteyesuk1974/
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I do believe in aliens. The universe is just too big and there are too many planets to believe that we are the only intelligent life in it. I think they are already visiting the planet and they probably dont like what they are seeing after all look at all the films we make of aliens they all involve us chasing them down and killing them even the friendly ones i.e. E.T.
would you make contact with us if you saw that. i know i wouldnt.
I think that if people could be open minded and believe that aliens can be friendly then yes we should try to contact them. The benefits could be enourmous. I mean if they do manage to get here as i believe they do then there technology must be way ahead of us think of the things they could share with us . Then theres not just science but also medical. They could hold cures for thousands of diseases. You never know they may even have the cure for the common cold lol.
Now the dangers ........ we could contact them only to find that they are dangerous and if there technology is higher than ours we dont stand a chance, but i look at it like this they are here anyway if they wanted to destroy us i think they would have done it by now so i think they are friendly just scared of making first contact because of the world we live in. Maybe they are waiting for us to evolve to a time when we are a peaceful race and there is no longer any wars or fighting.I mean if we cant get on with ourselves what chance do we stand with a civilisation from another world. So maybe we should consider sorting out our world first and stopping all the fighting then consider contact. You never know if we show we are making an effort then maybe they will step in and help us out.
I think S.E.T.I is definetly a good thing and now its even better now that we can use our computers at home to help them out. I dont know about you but im thrilled that theres a possibility that i could be the one that discovers life out there.
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