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Well I thought since everyone else has one of these I would make one...
theres not much to my background... I've used computers since I was 10 (a ZX81 then a Spectrum and then a 386) and riden bikes from before then.. I love mountain biking and help out at a local mountain bike park, volunteering to help build tracks. I spend way too much time on the net and using my computer. I get into games quite a bit.. I like first person shoters (Quake, Unreal, Return To Castle Wolfenstein etc) and driving games (Need For Speed etc) also role playing games like Never Winter Nights and Diablo. I spend most of my time on IRC on Undernet in a MP3 channel called #MP3_Collective (Borg themed). I love sci-fi, from books like Carl Sagans Contact, Greg Bear Eon, Eternity, Legacy, Darwins Radio to movies, I love the Star Trek Series.

I run SETI@Home on 2 or 3 computers, one is a Pentium 200 with 128megs of RAM running Windows 2000, its our (my flats) internet gateway, rarely gets used for anything else... the second is my machine.. AMD K6-2 500 with 256megs of RAM, my sister is using this machine at the moment, the third is the machine i use which is a Pentium 3 450 running at 505 with 256megs of RAM, as I write this it is running Windows XP, but i flick around with the OS on it a bit, it has a GeForce 2 MX 64meg graphics card. The P200 takes about 80-100 hours to do a block and the AMD 500 takes about 40 hours.

I started a SETI group for my flatmates, Flat 57, but it evolved to a group for my friends off the internet, when i first wrote this there were 16 people in the group but now there are 20 (but a few arnt doing anything). With out there partiapation the group wouldnt be what it is today.. Thanks Guys (and girls)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
One of my favorite quotes which is used by a few people on here is from Carl Sagans book/movie Contact, "If there isnt anyone out there... its an awful waste of space" (misquoted i know :) )
I believe there must be something out there.... but space is so huge I dont think we will make contact with them in this life time. My worst fear is that if we discover aliens we will distroy them out of fear of them or something like that. Humans i think are too violent at the moment to meet another civilisation safly, too many parties to involve as well.. we will need one united govt. or something like that before the earth can deal with it.

I think we have already transmited a "beacon", we send so much radio information out into space that i wouldnt be surprised that somewhere something has heard it.

I run SETI because I believe in what its doing. There are hundreds of other distributed networks like SETI out there some offering prizes, but I dont do this for a prize, I do it because I want to be apart of something I believe in.
I think the project is a wonderful way of bringing like minded people together and getting them to do something usefull, and making them feel apart of something big. Also theres always a little competition between members of groups, to see who can be at the top of the heap... or just do your best.
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