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Above Picture and Profile below may be entitled "2 Classics" !

This Paul was born 1942 in the valley of Switzerland, where they executed the last witch of Europe in 1782.

Anna Goeldi (Google it !) was a servant girl in a Doctor / Politician household; part of her problem: she was prettier than the Doctors wife !

This Paul was flopped around half a dozen orphanages before age 10, then grew up with a stepmother 18 years "older" and 3 half sisters, all younger. Ever since I can remember, I was surrounded by good looking, raven haired, milk fair skinned and clever women and particularly my step mother, they where good knitters !

Those traits I list here are some of the qualifications of a witch and an indication, that they are still among us ! Or as Bugs Bunny seez: "Aren't they all witches inside"? Thus, Bugs Bunny would be the first to agree, that there are also GOOD WITCHES !

Why bother you with this ? Women are the true mystery, the intelligent aliens among us; mankind will never find a system to fathom these fascinating creatures; so as an escape and to safe face, us hunter menfolk might as well keep ourselves usefully busy with SETI !

To clarify, this orphan boy got lucky; an almost raven haired, deep brow eyed "Cherokee" girl looked though me and bewitched my soul some 45 years ago; I have been "falling" through space and time ever since ! She bore me a son, then a blue eyed Blonde; now ain't that Love ?

And still, I'm falling, trying to fathom women and other intelligent aliens !

My wife is very smart, taught herself German while I studied Mechanical Engineering near where Mercedes and Porsche's are made in Germany. She taught some 40 years in public middle school, now does school based Marriage and Family Therapy for which she got additional Degrees within the past 5 years !

Our son is an "Graduate Degree Artist" in Chicago and our daughter a "kick ass" RN in a prominent research hospital system in Portland OR.
Told you my wife is very smart !

I give "Thanks and Praise" daily by mumbling:"Thank you Lord for my Health and Sanity AND the earning power of my wife"!

I'm a science / technology generalist; I'm interested in anything between the "Big Bang" and the Mystery of how a leaf on a tree keeps ideally aligned for optimum photo synthesis all day, then "resets" at night and is ready and aimed for sunrise the next morning !

Lucky for me, I benefitted from the Swiss / European conspiracy between government and industry to optimize use of their only abundant natural resource; CITIZENS !

Accordingly, this provided me an education up through 3 years Monastery school (High, all boys) taught by Capuzine Monks / Naefels GL. Thereafter, a 4 year apprenticeship for "Machine Mechanic" at what is still one of the worlds most prominent Textile Machine Manufacturer. Eventually, I arrived in the then "Textile Capital of the World", Greenville SC !

At age 25, I was in charge of million Dollar installations and fine tuning for quality production of Textile Yarn Machinery. At times I had some 2 dozen men helping me, many where my fathers age !

One of those men hinted at where a "foreigner" like me might find a beer and such in a "Buckle of the Bible Belt Dry County". That is where this "Brown Eyed Girl" put me under her spell ...... and we both where NOT supposed to be there !

That is how I imagine the scenario of how we are going to meet ALIENS !
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Which brings this proud American (Imigrant) to fervently wish and conclude, that what we need to focus on and hope for as a Nation, to get us out of our economical and "National Soul Funk", is for the Chinese to start building a "SPACE STATION ON MARS" !!!!!!!!!

Remember the J F Kennedy speech: ".....this Nation should commit itself to putting a man on the Moon..... within the decade .... !!!!! At that time, the Russians where first in space and seemingly "Light Years" ahead in Rocket and Space Technology !

I remember the uproar and some of the comments of....throwing money into space !

Today, among other things, we have cell phones and GPS. Each of such devices has more computing power than the first MOONLANDER had available !

Science is a wonderful thing; it allows us to glimpse into the wonders and mysteries of the UNIVERSE !

VOLTAIRE (Wikipedia !) had it right:

"If there is no God, then he needs to be invented" !

Voltair was not an Atheist, but an Agnostic !

On his death bed, receiving "The last Rites", he supposedly answered the question of: "Do you renounce Satan" ?

He replied: "Now why, at this time, would I want to make another Enemy" ?

Would't it be the ULTIMATE INSULT to the CREATOR, commonly termed GOD, to think of OURSELVES as UNIQUE in this UNIVERSE ?

Would't it be part of such insult, to ignore the Laws of Physics, Nature and the resulting Evolutionary Principles, and impose upon humans some Guilt Complex for not necessarily and fervently adhering to some well meaning but NON Science based books and scriptures ?

And NO, neither Christianity nor Islam or ANY RELIGION can claim in-fallacy; the Vatican put Galileo under permanent house arrest for HERESY upon his claim, that
"The SUN is the center of our SOLAR SYSTEM" !

Thank God for inspiring our founding fathers for SEPARATION of Church and State!

Thank God for America, where any Genius, Crackpot and Dog can have his
"Day in Court";
but not necessarily, as in 1925: The Scopes Trial—formally known as The State of Tennessee v. Scopes ! .....In-fallacy indeed !

Should we be afraid of Aliens ? Them looking at us, they probably long ago decided to give us more time for Evolution to work......!

.....or else, they are afraid of us.....and maybe should be ..... !

Just consider the plight of the American Indians, after they welcomed and initially regarded us as GODS !

So, SETI, what will WE do with a HIT ?
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