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Personal background
Hello everyone in SETI@Home. I come from Taiwan,and I have
participated in this program for more than two years. I am very happy I can offer my less effort to such a program because my pc is just so called pentium ¢¹ processor-166MHz!
Every time I finish the work-unit , I think I am proud of myself.Although my pc-computing is slow, my enthusiasm in science is not less than others.I hope I can continue to do such a meaningful program and there will be more and more people join us.

¦U¦ìSETI@Homeªº¦¨­û§A­Ì¦n¡C§Ú¨Ó¦Û¥xÆW¡A°Ñ»PSETI@Home³o­Ó­pµe¤w¨â¦~¦h¤F¡C¹ï©ó¯à¥Î©Ò¿×ªº²Ä¤@¥NPentinum CPU-166MHz´£¨Ñ­Ó¤H¨Ç·Lªº¤ß¤O¨Ó°Ñ»P³o­Ó­pµe¬O¬Û·í¤@¥ó§Ö¼Öªº¨Æ¡C¹ï©ó¨C¤@¦¸§Ú©Ò§¹¦¨ªº³æ¦ì¡A­Ó¤H²`¦Û¥H¬°¦Û»¨¡CÁöµM§Úªº¹q¸£¹Bºâ¯à¤O¤£¬O«Ü§Ö¡A¦ý¹ï©ó¬ì¾Çªº¼ö§Õ¬O¤@ÂI¤]¤£¤ñ¤H¤Öªº¡A§Æ±æ§Ú¯à«ùÄò°Ñ»P³o²`´I·N¸qªº­pµe¡A¤]§Æ±æ§ó¦h¤H¯à°÷¥[¤J¡C

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I believe , I am here!

A TV-Program-The X Files is my favorite one. And it always
shows the message,"the truth is out there",so,whether the ET
is existence ? I tend to believe it's existence.Just now we
can not communicate with them by our currently capibility.

The program is just the beginning, a good beginning!



«Ü³ßÅw¤@³¡¹qµø¼v¶°-The X Files¡A¦Ó¥B¨C¦¸³£»¡The truth is out there¡A¨º¨ì©³¥~¬P¤H¦s¦b¶Ü¡H§Ú¬O¶É¦V¬Û«HETªº¦s¦b¡A¥u¬O¥H²{¦³ªº¤HÃþ¯à¤OÁÙµLªk¸ò¥L­Ì·¾³q¡C

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