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Hi, I am 33/m from Italy, I like Sci-fi and Fantasy Reading and I also enjoy listening to good music (especially Jazz and Blues), Sailing, Skiing and scuba diving.
I work in the IT field and runnin' Seti@home client is a good way to keep my computer always turned on ;-)

'nuff said! let's go and do some more number-cruching ;-)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
It would be really strange if life started only on Earth: there are lots of galaxies, billions of stars, why should we be so special? Just out of sheer numbers some kind of life must have started somewhere, some time; they key issue is whether we will be able to get in touch with them.
Maybe distances are way too big to establish a communication channel, maybe not; time-frame is also another critical factor: are there intelligent beings? or were there billions of years ago and are now extinguished? or are they in their middle ages?
Even more... if life exists, is it intelligent life? Other beings are technological enough to find-out our presence or to show us theirs? Or are they too techological and have "downloaded" themselves in a virtual environment that will last forever?
I do not know if there are any real chances that we may find a new intelligent life-form in the near future but I think we should give it a try and support the SETI project, the possible positive outcomes are just too terrific to imagine and there are no drawbacks so... why not? :) cheers everybody
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