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The question is NOT "Are we alone?" The real question is, "HAVE WE EVER BEEN ALONE?"

I'm just a semi-pessimistic, re-retired younger fossil. I've always had considerable interest in astronomy, and cosmology, but the more I learn, the less optimistic I become. At the time, I thought it would be cool to let my processor run scientific tasks, knowing that my chances were slim to nil, of detecting a signal; there are a few reasons for this that I will explain later. Basically, I'm a computer dummy, but am glad I ran into Mike Bader very early, and decided I would help his team, by joining Spot_E.T. In all reality, the Astropulse project interested me the most, and was what I wanted to primarily do, but, I quickly learned that the tasks for Astropulse are few and far between. There is also a project out of a University in Spain, that researched the functions of the heart that I wanted to participate in (as I do have coronary artery disease), but I cannot seem to establish my account there. However, all in all, I'm glad the Seti@home is available for people it interests, and am glad I have absolutely no connection to UC-Berkeley, as being thrown out of college once in my lifetime is enough for me. My dismissal from higher education is microscopically minuscule, to the lost century of far-reaching forward progress the human race has missed because of secret government, the "kabal", and other factors. People need to skeptically (but, not closed-minded) familiarize themselves with the disclosure project, siriusdisclosure, and secret space programs. Be skeptical, but do not close your mind. Unfortunately, due to things well beyond my control, my profile here, as well as almost all other internet activity is intercepted and stored by the NSA (National Security Agency) in direct violation of the Fourth amendment of the United States Constitution. regardless of whether it is considered "legal" today. The American citizenry was never given any opportunity to ballot their opinion on this violation. The 4th amendment is to protect citizens from unreasonable search and seizure, and now the taxpayers of America, are unwittingly footing the cost, for this acquisition, collection and storage or an unfathomable amount of data. The interception of email, violates both the 4th amendment as well as the 1st amendment (the right to free speech). Between the actions of the Central Intelligence Agency, the NSA, the secret government, the military industrial complex, the values of most Americans, are being covertly overridden, and silenced. I say SCREW THEM ALL! They have outright screwed the American taxpayer over and over. We find ourselves ridden in "false flags" which have lead us into war in Vietnam, and then after 9-11-2001, a seemingly endless war against "terrorism" in Iraq and Pakistan. The next "false flag" will involve a threat from "aliens" from outer space, and will most likely be staged by what is known as man-made UFO's that are of earthly origin. This is all done to keep us in perpetual war. Wars produce suffering for both victors and those defeated, but are wonderful events for the International bankers, as these bankers can finance both sides of any war in fighting each other in battle, and also financing (with considerable debt) reconstructions. Isis is inhuman, I agree; but Isis was created by covert forces of the U.S. Intelligence agencies, from the destabilization of Iraq. Our congressional representatives are for the overwhelming majority, DO NOT SERVE the will of the people, but seek to enrich their finances, and extend their careers, by passing legislation, that enriches the banking industry, as well as the war profiteers. In America, we express great love for our veterans of military service (as we should); what is NOT expressed is, we abhor the secret government, that creates these false pretenses, that lead us into war. I find it unbelievable that we have been at war in Iraq and Pakistan for 18 years now and counting. No declaration of war has ever happened! It is all fear mongering. Soon enough the FED (the Federal Reserve Bank - which has no reserves and is no more Federal, than Federal Express, but is the central bank of the United States, will do as Thomas Jefferson wrote about 250 years ago - and I quote "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Father's conquered... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs" end quote. I refuse to use windows and virtually every microsoft product, as well as facebook twitter, skype, and other similar platform, for it drains our wealth, to intercept, record and store this data. I recently started crunching tasks for Einstein@home, but you will not see my 10 million credits and counting there, as I refuse to agree to the terms of the EU conformity. Many Americans, are not threatened by the things I have mentioned above, however, when the U.S. Constitution is a thing of the past (as it continually erodes); I do wonder if they will care then.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
As I said above, I'm glad for Seti@home and the BOINC apparatus for allowing us to believe we are doing something significant (regardless of how small) in the name of science. However, I'm not a big believer in SETI itself (I have heard it being referred to as a "Silly Effort To Investigate"). I believe that SETI may be useful in detecting any civilizations that are on or very very near to the same technical prowess, that we are here on Earth. Even though I cannot prove that life exists elsewhere, IT MUST WITHOUT QUESTION ! The numbers are just too staggering for it NOT to be possible. I tend to believe and have rather convincing evidence to believe there is life as close as the moon, AND advanced beings from elsewhere have been to earth, and have bases here. As for SETI, I ask, if our society, advanced a million (or more) years technologically, would we still be using the type of signals that SETI is hopeful of detecting? I think not, it's just the view this dummy carries. I believe SETI could be far more effective, if they pointed their dishes towards Dugway Proving grounds, Dulce (NM), Vandenburg AFB, and much of desolate Nevada. I also wonder, if SETI (or the Seti@home community) detected hard evidence, how the secret government would go about to discredit it, or keep it under wraps. Learn about siriusdiclosure(.com), do you really believe that all these credible people who have revealed their identities, and hard evidence they have, have conspired to tell us a bigger lie, than what the government is already telling us? Never, ever, believe, that cosmic neighbors, millions of years ahead of us technologically, are a threat to us, here on earth. If they were, we would CTE (cease to exist) instantaneously. Through my pessimism, I am hopeful, that BOINC will soon offer projects, related to zero point energy, electromagneticgravitics, and especially applications of physics, that are forbidden in higher education, but, that we fund through Unspecified Special Access Projects. Our Armed Services personnel, and veterans overwhelmingly are a truly wonderful gift and asset, and I do not belittle them in the least. As Americans, we profess, freedoms, and compassion for human life. But, how will history look upon us in the future, when it is fully realized, that "black projects" enveloped in this most dangerous (and illegal) "national security state" have withheld technology from the public, that would end global warming, dependence on fossil fuels, "free energy". and end hunger and much suffering, all in the name of greed, by a powerful few sociopaths.

I still have hope. Maybe BOINC can come up with a project for all to share peacefully, starting with over-unity generation. Finally, BOINC needs to do something about how they award credits for completed tasks. Much too often, I will see, where a shorter (in cpu time) task, will be awarded more credits, than a longer task, that might have taken up to TWENTY TIMES as much cpu time to complete. Possibly, BOINC should think about rewarding credits for cpu time, with only a slightly higher award for the first to complete the task. It just seems more fair to do it that way. To illustrate a current example (from 18 March 18), why should a task that used my gpu and took 392.41 seconds to complete, be awarded 98.74 credits; whereas, a task that used a thread (no gpu) and took 6,744.02 seconds to complete, be awarded only 94.03 credits?

My thanks to Seth and other members of the seti project. It is so cordial of you to have people volunteering their computer resources to perform tasks for your project, when it is clearly becoming a known FACT that seti HAS intercepted signals from other civilizations, but has kept this fact in secret, and completely deny they have. How can they continue to deny the existence of intercepted signals? Possibly, there is a rogue factor involved - that ELITE (not elected sociopaths) have determined that the existence of UFO's and other life forms must remain hidden and in secret, for fear of disrupting religion, philosophy, and the macroeconomic situation that exists and continues to destroy the planet we live on. Many, many people have came forward to reveal actionable intelligence, and have been told to stop and remain silent, or else fear their murder, and possibly members of their families. Thank you for your lying to us Seth Shostak.
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