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Personal background
With a childhood fascination in electronics, science, and astronomy, I grew up learning what I could with my father's very limited resources, help, and know-how. I learned to teach myself. I learned to "find a way" to get things done that needed done. I entered the US Navy on the premise that I would be doing reverse-engineered repair work and construction of alternative electronics for specific work projects. instead I was shoved into "Deck Division" where I painted, hauled ropes, nearly fell to my death; before taking a single course in Test Equipment use. This course put me on the Congressional Warrant Officer list, despite my XO's protests. I managed to get two new computers (i286) on board, and rewrote the provided programs for Munitions inventory. Shortly after, the XO had me separated (retaining clearance), and I was suddenly on my own.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
For 20 years now I've been learning every digital language I can find, and building machines for specific tasks as well as broad heavy duty performance. Discovering Neil deGrasse Tyson's work and video shows, I've decided to put part of my fairly large Array to work on SETI and LHC packets. I hope that some day these processed packets will change mankind's attitude towards the world & universe as a whole. Perhaps we will "grow up" and stop ruining what we have.
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