SETI Lunch at Cafe Cacao - April 20, 2006

Today we had a special SETI luncheon courtesy of one of our donors who generously earmarked some money for us to go out to lunch! We ate at Cafe Cacao which is a wonderful restaurant that's actually in the Scharfenberger Chocolate Factory here in Berkeley. (Notably absent was Matt who just left for two months to drive around the continent playing rock star.)

(click on images for larger versions)

Kevin and Eric excitedly perusing the menu at Cafe Cacao.
Dan and Chuck chatting about the good old days.
Kevin, Eric, and Dave awaiting the feast.
The Menu! If you're in Berkeley, definitely give this restaurant a try.
Bob and Kevin.
Thanks for the great service, Leti.
Court and Dan. Dan looks hungry!!
Cheers! (Thanks for the lunch, Tracy)

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