Switching Over to Hurricane Electric - February 22, 2007

Here are some photos I (Matt) took regarding the move to Hurricane Electric as our ISP. I had the camera set incorrectly so they might be a bit blurry.

(click on images for larger versions)

It just rained so once I got here I had to run out to the patio and get a photo of the Bay post-storm. Pretty.
This is the network diagram on the dry erase board right by my desk. You can see how several entities had to be involved in making this happen. On the right is a cut-off list of "to-do" items for the upcoming power outage which, I just found out today, is postponed until June. So never mind.
Here is a screen capture of the Cogent router as we moved the data server off yesterday. I have no idea what the residual traffic is. As far as I'm concerned, the bandwidth is at zero as of now.
Here is a likewise screen capture of the traffic going through Hurricane Electric as we turned everything on. There was a gap in time in data collection - between this and the other screenshot it looks like we were off for hours but really it was only about 45 minutes. The total traffic seems slightly higher now than when we were on Cogent - that's because we are serving some SETI@home web site traffic on this new link (whereas all web traffic was going over the campus network before).
While I have the camera, here's a shot of the table in the middle of our lab. Eric was busy taking apart and reassembling various unused systems yesterday in an effort to incorporate recently donated memory, CPUs, and a motherboard. He got pulled away by other tasks but will return at some point. Note the pink blocks in the background. That's foam specially made for us with perfectly-sized slots for safe hard drive shipping to/from Arecibo.
Here's a shot in our other lab. That's sidious on the desk, currently running Kevin's IDL data-crunching processes, but soon to be a BOINC database server. Next to that is our printer (woo-hoo) and under the table is kryten, still dutifully receiving all our BOINC results.
And yes, the server closet. A bit messy - we'll clean it soon I swear. That grey thing in the middle of the rightmost rack with all the fans is thumper. Except for that and some extra network gear everything else has been around for a while. Several drives have failed in our aging Network Appliance (hence the red lights in the rack in the middle), but at this point about 12 of those drives are spares. So no worries... yet.

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