Instructions for SETI@home Classic users

If you haven't used BOINC before

SETI@home Classic and SETI@home BOINC both use your email address as the identifier for your account. However, they have different types of passwords:

When we launched SETI@home/BOINC, we created accounts for all SETI@home Classic users, with their existing email addresses. Each account includes the number of SETI@home Classic workunits completed, the CPU time, and the start date. These accounts were not given passwords (i.e., they can't be accessed using any password).

When you run BOINC and attach to SETI@home, it will ask you for an email address and password. What do you type for a password?

If your SETI@home Classic email address is still valid:

If your SETI@home Classic email address is no longer valid:

If you're already using BOINC

Are you already running SETI@home/BOINC, but with a different email address than you used with SETI@home Classic? You can Claim your SETI@home Classic workunits.

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