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1) Message boards : News : SETI@home and COVID-19 (Message 2050038)
Posted 22 May 2020 by Profile Chris Raisin
Will Seti@Home ever resume processing again or is it to be replaced by some other Investigative body?
2) Message boards : SETI Perspectives : Was Our Solar System “Probed” Last Year? (Message 1982058)
Posted 24 Feb 2019 by Profile Chris Raisin
Your final comment re LOTTO really pushes home the justification for SETI . Great article!
3) Message boards : SETI Perspectives : Introduction to SETI Perspectives (Message 1982055)
Posted 24 Feb 2019 by Profile Chris Raisin
G'day Richard on behalf of myself and others in Australia.
You are indeed welcome, allowing us all a chance to delve deeper into SETI, rather than simply just collecting data.
Looking forward to this adventure!
4) Message boards : News : Richard Lubrich has passed away. (Message 1904459)
Posted 2 Dec 2017 by Profile Chris Raisin
RIP Richard. You are now aware of all the answers that SETI is seeking and your work
in helping us know more about ourselves and our future is invaluable. We will all join
you eventually, all at one with this wonderful universe and all its wonderful life forms.

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