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1) Message boards : News : Friday March 21 SETI talks to be webcast live. (Message 1495974)
Posted 27 Mar 2014 by Profile W.B. Cheney, III
This did not appear in my Noties until today!
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Posted 17 Jun 2013 by Profile W.B. Cheney, III
So how do you search for the unexpected? I understand the basic idea was looking for signals in the H2 noise. is that still the case or have we moved on to other spectra. Please excuse my ignorance, I was away from Physics for over 30 years, though I have tried to read the popular literature. I was a Nuclear Engineer for over 20 years until the field dried up.
3) Message boards : News : AVG 2013 virus scanner false positive on SETI@home 7 for Windows (Message 1373991)
Posted 31 May 2013 by Profile W.B. Cheney, III
I have been running AGV Business Suite for 4 years and running BOINC longer than that. I have never had any problem and I am running Cosmology, Einstein, and SETI. I am using Windows 7, on a HP Pavilion m6-1045dx.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Zone Alarm and BOINC/Seti testing (Message 364786)
Posted 12 Jul 2006 by Profile W.B. Cheney, III
Well, I am running E-trust Firewall, which I believe is the sucessor to the Zone Alarm system or the same thing. It is registered but was free through Road Runner membership. Previously I had a paid Subscription to Ez-Trust Antivirus, but let it lapse when the free subscription became available.
I recently had to reinstall BOINC and the Ez-Trust suite on another computer when my harddrive died. The Boinc that installed was version 5.4.9 which was a newer version than I had been previously running. All BOINC elemets are set as trusted servers with full access and pass lock, yet when Boinc manager attempts to send results to BERKELEY, I get a computional error reported both on the task and in my Berkeley results file.
I am running Windows 98 Plus (a half version between the orginal 98 and 98SE) on a Dell with a 400MHz Celeron Processor and 128M Ram, I am also running AnalogX Cache Booster and Analogiz MaxMem.
Hope this helps as I have had six tasks in the last week that Have failed to report properly.

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