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Posted 24 Feb 2019 by Profile Benjamin
I would like to regain access to my late father's seti account. "skybased". I realize I can not claim his seti classic credit since it is attached to a modern account, but I'd like to use it. I've lost access to my original account that started around the same time and since it had so little credit when I came back after he passed in 2012 I just started a new one.

Ran across something and decided to see if I could recover the account, but either he had a different password than he did for other things or he choose to keep the integer password originally supplied before the Boinc@home upgrade.

I can provide to admins a notarized death certificate, public posting of his wake/funeral and copies of my own credentials to prove I am his son/etc. Even if it involved mailing said items I would not be opposed. I figured it was worth a shot in the dark to see if this is possible. I let all of his emails expire after wrapping up the estate in 2012 so I can not recover the email accounts either at this point.

Thanks, sorry for the odd request.

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