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1) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : BOINC & Leopard don't play nice... (Message 674524)
Posted 9 Nov 2007 by Profile Leander
Anyone got a fix for the liquid cooled G5 Macs? In Tiger with BOINC running the pumps and fans never really kicked up any (maybe a just slightly when the room got warm) but in Leopard they cut on nearly full blast just after a few seconds of running the App. I did a full format from Tiger -> Leopard, just FYI. The CPUs don't seem to be getting any warmer than that used to, in fact once the fans kick up they get a lot cooler. Maybe Apple just changed the target temp under load?
2) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Multi-processors and CPU usage (Message 142584)
Posted 25 Jul 2005 by Profile Leander
I got the same sort of problem except the inverse ...

I have a dual P3 system and the BOINC software only sees on processor. I'm running FreeBSD 5.4 and I do have an SMP kernel compiled ...

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