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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC 6.2.14 problem (Message 795649)
Posted 10 Aug 2008 by Profile Falk Heiden
hey, my problems are finished after download the version 6.2.15.
i read in this threads that i change the settings of my cpu usage.
i had choose 75% of processors for my dualcore and it crunched wit one cpu, but i read that i change my setting to 100% of processors.
now all is on work but some servers are down since yesterday evening (european time).

whats the poblem with it?

thx John McLeod for supporting me

cya ShariVari

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC 6.2.14 problem (Message 791139)
Posted 1 Aug 2008 by Profile Falk Heiden
hey everybody,
i upload the new version 6.2.14, not the beta version for my os (vista 64bit)
and i now have many problems with it.
first i install it in the boinc folder with boinc version 5.10.45, but i cant, i need to create a new folder in the same partition of my storage.
after this i restart my computer and i open boincmanager.
i refresh the manager and he load new wu´s, but he crunched with one cpu, but i have a dualcore.
there are many problems with it(its too long to describe) and i delete both version sucsessfully.
i install the older version (5.10.45), and after this he finally crunched with both cpu´s, but it no validating the wu´s.
i thougt it need the new version and i download it again, with the same installproblems.
after it he validating the 8 crunched wu´s but he is crunching actually with one cpu again.
i had no idea what its wrong.
pls help me, i wont use my hammer and screwdriver for it =)
im sorry, but my english is not so good, i hope you know what i mean.

cya ShariVari

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