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1) Message boards : Technical News : May I Have Another (Jul 28 2008) (Message 789390)
Posted 29 Jul 2008 by Profile Jurgen
Hy Matt,

As always you guys do a great job on the project.

Ever thought about Nagios to have the systems monitored, you can create event handlers to plug into nagios to have certain action automated. You could create a handler that checks mounting issues and act accordingly when Nagios encounters that apache has some problems. Maybe this could help to have those little actions run by itself leaving you guys more time for other things.
2) Message boards : Technical News : Hot Heat (Oct 15 2007) (Message 660413)
Posted 16 Oct 2007 by Profile Jurgen
You guys are doing a great job, thanks
maybe you guys should add an air-co upgrade inthe next fund-raise ;)

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