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Posted 21 Jul 2004 by Profile F. Szczepanski
It does not, NOT matter how many projects they are running! They are supposed to be prepared. As if it isn't enough that they have thousands or millions of computers contributing to this, and they can't even keep up with it.

I really don't have any problems with it, though, since I request 5-6 days' work at a time. My internet connection has as many problems as boinc's servers. Go figure.

To the Stars!

> > yea this is lame, but they have had a rush of people join, what u expect,
> they
> > are running 2 projects, 2 websites, i think they are gd to come even this
> far.
> > This was supost to happen a couple of years ago.
> Actually, it is 3 projects and 4 websites.
> Projects: BOINC, S@H, AstroPulse
> Websites (known to date) S@H1, S@H, Alpha, Beta.
> They also have to deal with other developers for other projects: Predictor is
> in a public Alpha test. Rumored to start soon is CPDN. Rumored to start
> sometime are Folding@Home, and others.
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2) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Wow, this is awful. (Message 7814)
Posted 14 Jul 2004 by Profile F. Szczepanski
Their servers are screwing up almost every day. Why weren't they prepared? I think they just need to go back to the old Seti@Home Design. At least it worked. This is lame.

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