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1) Message boards : Cafe SETI : 10th anniversary T-shirts (How to order) (Message 897819)
Posted 21 May 2009 by Profile W8AOK | ABCressler
The powers that be might consider making the design available in Adobe PDF/EPS at full resolution so it could be downloaded and printed on any size T-shirt or any garmet virtually anywhere on the planet.

Should be able to find a web-hosting service that could make this sort of arrangement possible with a Pay-pal transaction.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : How do I move unfinished work-unit files to a new installation of BOINC/SETI@home (Message 605190)
Posted 17 Jul 2007 by Profile W8AOK | ABCressler

I was in that position once. Assuming the two machines run the same operating systems [Windows-Windows, Linux-Linux, or Mac-Mac], and have the same or compatible processors [doesn't matter if you're running standard stock applications, but you might have problems if you've installed different optimised apps for different processors] this procedure should work for you as it worked for me.

  • Copy the whole BOINC folder and subfolders from the old disk to somewhere convenient on the working machine - anywhere you like, but
    don't overwrite the working BOINC installation.
  • Stop the working BOINC completely
  • Disconnect from the Internet
  • Find the old folder you copied over, and start that copy of BOINC Manager
  • As soon as it starts, set 'No new work' and 'Network activity disabled'.
  • Now you can re-connect to the Internet if you want to.
  • Let the old version of BOINC finish any/all outstanding WUs, then re-enable networking, upload and report them
  • Close down the old copy of BOINC, and re-start your normal copy from the Windows start menu, Mac desktop, Linux command prompt, Service manager or whatever you normally do.

Thanks for your quick reply, Richard.

I just slaved the boot drive from the older machine and Windows XP's Computer/Disk Management service is telling me the old drive is 99% free. I had experienced the notorious "blue screen" when last attempting to boot that older machine, but had not suspected an MBR problem. I've got a Utility CD that might tell me more, but it's not looking good now.

I was at least hoping that I could "formally" abort the WU, so it could be redistributed and not hold up others' credit.

Thanks again.

- Bruce
3) Message boards : Number crunching : How do I move unfinished work-unit files to a new installation of BOINC/SETI@home (Message 605139)
Posted 17 Jul 2007 by Profile W8AOK | ABCressler
I have one unfinished work-unit residing on an old boot drive which I would like to (if possible) move to my current working directory on a new machine. The work-unit is not due for another 14-days, so I'd like to finish it.

If this can be done without corrupting my current queue, or if I could allow my current queue to finish and temporarily disallow new work units without affecting any project statistics, what file(s) do I copy over to my new drive?

- Bruce
4) Message boards : SETI@home Science : "Why the SETI telescopes can't locate a signal?" (Message 600664)
Posted 9 Jul 2007 by Profile W8AOK | ABCressler
This article by Seth Shostak, PhD (a Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute) addresses several related issues while putting the scope of SETI undertaking into perspective: Is SETI Barking Up The Wrong Tree .

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