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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Is there another version of the new Seti Software ? (Message 212664)
Posted 13 Dec 2005 by Profile Luecky
Hi, try installing v 4.45 instead. It's around 6 MB and it works just fine. Save the 4.45 file to your computer until you uninstall the previous version.

Could you provide more information on the Admin rights question?

This Boinc version doesn't work at work, too.
My admin doesn't give me a permission :-(

What a lousy tool....the older one was much better and easier .....
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC Software not clever enough... (Message 211302)
Posted 12 Dec 2005 by Profile Luecky
Dear Webmasters of the new BOINC System.

Why did you invent such a crawling and slow motion version ? Why do I have 100 % CPU work ? Why does my screensaver doesn`t Work under a big Dual Core 3 Ghz PC ?

I think you have been better stayed on the normal version like the older one. I think million of people which tried to help the SETI Program or the other projects are very angry about the change. I hope you will find out a better programm and a better version for your projects. Think back ! Not everyboday has the common PC with enough memory or CPU time at home or work ! That isn't mean badly from me but I hope you understand the problems and you will improve them.
I have uninstall the boinc software.Too incompatible.
When there will be a better client I might be back and help you out...
Sincererly, Luecky
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : Log into my project sucks.... (Message 209116)
Posted 10 Dec 2005 by Profile Luecky
Go to comunity page,
and select Langauges,
Find and click Germany, de

THX for your quick answer ;-)

I found out that the seti server has a broken arrow....
Nevertheless I tried another project on another server ( Einstein ) and
how Mr. Einstein said:"Everything is relativ !".

And therefor I will wait and see what SETI will be doing next time.

But now I must find out why my screensaver is black under my win.

Thanky Bill for your clever system.....
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Log into my project sucks.... (Message 209028)
Posted 10 Dec 2005 by Profile Luecky

since I start my boinc software 5.2.13. I can't start my project ! I logged in and push the button project start type in my URL ( ) and my email account, but the server doesn't accept me. My firewall on my PC is ok and accept seti but why doesn't I get a connection to Seti ? Can anybody give me a link of a german side where I can handle this problem ? Or please answer me in german. It's much easier to understand this technical problem. THX Luecky
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Is there another version of the new Seti Software ? (Message 197465)
Posted 28 Nov 2005 by Profile Luecky
how long can I use the older version of SETI ?
The new boinc ?? Version is to big for my pc at work ;-) You need admin rights to install because of the 10mb or other facts.... The older version was better and easier to install seti webmasters !!!!!

I think you will loose a lot of peoples which has the older SETI version at work !!!

Does anybody know how I can turn around in these ADMIN question without ADMIN rigths under WIN2000 ?
Lucky about every answer ;-)

thx first.

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