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1) Message boards : Number crunching : When should Seti jetison the weak? (Message 891351)
Posted 4 May 2009 by Profile Megacruncher TSBT
Blessed are the weak for they shall inherit the earth (or is thet the meek? Same difference).
Let us jetison no-one. The whole point of Seti/Boinc is that the world is full of under-utilised PCs (some slow some fast) giong to waste so they might as well be used for science.

However some sad souls, and I plead guilty, have perverted this vision and set up dedicated Boinc farms of elite computers that do nothing else but run Boinc & inflate their owners credit.

We may be strong but the world would be a better place (morally and in terms of energy consumption) if only the weak, but all of the weak, were doing Boinc.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : No updates to stats pages??? (Message 798526)
Posted 15 Aug 2008 by Profile Megacruncher TSBT
Five long days without a stats export must be a record for this project. Some of the fly-by-night projects you expect this sort of thing but not from the home of Boinc.

My boincstats total is now 68K less than it should be and my team is being shortchanged by a whopping great 329K!!

So I'll join the Donation Challenge - £25 sterling mind, none of your dollars - but in return I expect daily exports to be resumed ASAP.
3) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : How do I disband a team I created? (Message 535711)
Posted 23 Mar 2007 by Profile Megacruncher TSBT
The team that has no members will remain in name only.

Then again, if there are any members ( even one besides yourself ) and they are getting credit, then the team will stay active.

If you have any members on the team you are wishing to leave, perhaps you should just use the Change Team Founder option.

S/He's the only one, so there is nothing to care about.

Or people might like the name & join the team anyway and it will become mighty but leaderless. Possibly.

4) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : The Scottish Boinc Team Needs You! (Message 535708)
Posted 23 Mar 2007 by Profile Megacruncher TSBT

"We are the biggest, oldest -established in 1999 as Scotland's Seti - and, we'd like to think, best Scottish Boinc team around. [Accept no imitations!] We crunch for all the major Boinc projects and nearly all the minor ones. Our aim is to use our spare computing power to advance human knowledge while enjoying some friendly competition amongst ourselves and with other teams. So if you're Scottish by birth, ancestry, residence, emotional attachment or even if you've no link whatsoever with Scotland but just fancy being part of a lively friendly team, please come join us, everyone is welcome."

We're the only team with a Highland Coo as a mascot.
We're top 73rd overall for Seti and 3rd in the UK & want to improve on that.
We've got an excellent forum.

What are you waiting for?
5) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Can a team founder be changed, if the founder is missing? (Message 278921)
Posted 10 Apr 2006 by Profile Megacruncher TSBT
Try this
Dr. David P. Anderson
Director and architect. Contact him at davea at
Rom Walton
Developer. Contact him at rwalton at

Excellent thanks. Dr Anderson sorted it straight away!
6) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Can a team founder be changed, if the founder is missing? (Message 278724)
Posted 9 Apr 2006 by Profile Megacruncher TSBT
I'm a member of the team Scotland's Seti . We haven't heard from our founder for sometime (pre-boinc in fact). This is a little bit limiting for instance it means that there is no-one who has access to member e-mail addresse which makes keeping the team together difficult.

We had a little chat about this on our forum and agreed that it would be better to have an active leader. I've been nominated unopposed for the position.

What do we need to do to make this happen?

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