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1) Message boards : News : Nebula progress report (Message 2079768)
Posted 12 Jul 2021 by Profile Rich Project Donor
The "in the home stretch" connector does not work. Selecting it produces a "not found" message. We are all very interested in the home stretch, guys!
2) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2076692)
Posted 27 May 2021 by Profile Rich Project Donor
This is a blip in the effort. The search goes on by every available means. Keep the faith!
Best Regards,
3) Message boards : SETI@home Science : No longer in the shadows (Message 2075948)
Posted 16 May 2021 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Keep the faith! Are you aware of the US Navy encountering UFOs at sea off San Diego a few months ago? Many witnesses, video, and radar records from nearby ships! The gov't hasn't denied it, and really can't. Joe B. may make an announcement to the U.N. (Then again, he may not.) Also, the hunt for life, including intelligent life goes on. No doubt you have investigated the new generations of telescopes that are being planned and executed... some on Earth and some in space. Radio telescopes are a very valid way to search for indications of other civilizations in space. My opinion is that seti@home will be back in business at some point. Others feel the same.
Prediction by Robert Heinlein around 1950, The Green Hills Of Earth:
"The arching sky is calling
all spacemen to their trade!
All Hands! Stand By! Free Falling!
And the lights below us fade!
Far drive the thundering jets!
Up leaps the race of Earthmen!
Out, far, and onward yet!"

I hope this helps!
Best Regards,
4) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2073216)
Posted 13 Apr 2021 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Yes, we are faithfully processing other Projects! But no other project is as seminal (!) as looking for alien civilizations! There is just a certain ineffable, dashing excellence about looking for LGM (E.T.) as a member of a giant superbly organized worldwide Terran Cognitive Network! seti@home shall return with even more amazingly efficient software on ever faster computing devices {in far greater numbers} to find those cute elusive little critters!
5) Message boards : News : Final data is in the splitter queue. (Message 2059940)
Posted 24 Oct 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
This sounds ($$$$) grim, at least for the ordinary person. Thanks for some details. However, maybe the real issue is a favorable technical determination of the efficacy of the improved SETI algorithms relative to other detection methods. Perhaps our judgement that radio frequencies should be commonly used by technological civilizations is not valid. The reason that I like it is that it cuts to the chase.
Most of us are convinced are convinced that we will find life in many space environments. We expect that intelligent life will be rare, and we expect that electromechanical civilizations even more rare.
You know the argument... given the number of stars in the Milky Way, there should be at least a few civilizations in the Milky Way at our level of technology, or more advanced. With a little luck, one or more will be within a few hundred or thousand, light years of Earth. Let's keep looking until we find them.
Crowd funding can work with adequate publicity. You have the email list. SETI has a lot of latent support. However, let's give you gentlemen a chance to finish the vital work that you are doing.
6) Message boards : News : Final data is in the splitter queue. (Message 2059863)
Posted 23 Oct 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
We can do what "Bill Nye, The Science Guy" does--- set a funding target and ask the "members" to contribute by a certain date. I'm ready to kick in $50 , or $100. LGM are out there! Let's find them! SETI is famous! We should gather the troops and CHARGE!
7) Message boards : News : Final data is in the splitter queue. (Message 2059791)
Posted 22 Oct 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Hi All, has there ever been any discussion about eventually piggy-backing SETI data collection onto the Square Kilometer Array telescope being built in the southern hemisphere? It might be a revealing and seminal marriage between the super powerful radio SKA reception and the improved SETI algorithms currently being developed.
8) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2056845)
Posted 11 Sep 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Dear Tori, very sorry to read about your accident and the problems with the loss of your computer SETI records. There were various problems over the years that I noticed the SETI tech people dealing with: for example, disk drives going bad on servers. It may be that they were unable to recover all data from a bad disk. Or, maybe someone made a mistake. As I'm sure you realize, students were coming onto the project and leaving from time to time. My guess is that the SETI batches that your computers processed were not lost. Your login name and related info may just have been lost. My understanding is that all of the SETI data that was processed by people like you and me over the years is now being subjected to various statistical and other mathematical analyses to validate the processing and possibly find signals that were missed. E.T. may have been talking to us and we didn't realize it. The SETI software changed and improved over the years, which must be complicating their current analyses. I'm just a humble worker bee, like you, but I also am sad over the suspension of the SETI Project. I will be very interested in the results of the "post process analysis" that they are doing. A report is supposed to be published. (I don't know when.) Part of the problem may be financial.
I hope you are recovering from your accident, and that you have time to look at other BOINC projects. Keep the faith! SETI may start up again!
Be well and be happy! Best Regards, Rich
9) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2050556)
Posted 29 May 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Wow, Ian! Amazing numbers! What a farm!
10) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2048617)
Posted 9 May 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Hi Sanya,
We all worked on a noble, even spiritual, task: deeply hopeful, finally logical, full of ancient human wonder, and many of us will work on it again if we have the opportunity. The feeling now seems to be that our galactic neighborhood is not teeming with electro-mechanical civilizations, but we still don't know. It is early days in the search. We just don't know when it will be successful.
Clearly, this work is useful to lonely, thinking creatures like us!
Best Regards,
11) Message boards : News : Why do people run SETI@home? (Message 2045323)
Posted 17 Apr 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Greetings From An Obsolete Old Fart!
Kindly note that the only difference between radio and visible light is frequency.
This raises the thought that we should be looking at more frequencies.
I miss SETI. My PC is doing a lot of processing still, but it is not looking for aliens,
to my knowledge.
Looking for aliens is its own reward. If we find them, we must decide what to do with them,
or perhaps, they will decide what to do with us.
Best Regards To The Younger Generations!
12) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2042967)
Posted 4 Apr 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
While we are all contemplating the conditions that have to exist to get the SETI project restarted (They are still out there!!!), take a look at this YouTube video on alien messages that we don't want to receive:
Best Regards,
13) Message boards : Nebula : Estimating sensitivity (Message 2041752)
Posted 30 Mar 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Please go ahead and get the statistical help, do the analyses of all the work that your SETI supporters have produced, and publish. I'm sure that we all suspect the the Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence will go on in various forms until mankind comes to a conclusion, or conclusions, regarding the issue. Clearly, the current SETI supporters, especially those commenting in these posts, represent a support potential that should be harnessed to move the investigation along in the near and medium future. The organization and focus that the SETI project brings to the issue should be sharpened and magnified to the extent possible, using your published and professional analyses as a guide. SETI stimulates the use and advancement of many disciplines... it is truly a seminal project.
Best Regards,
14) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2039746)
Posted 22 Mar 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
I suspect that most of us realize that the careful analysis of results to date and SENSITIVITY should be done, definitively if possible. As a next step, a review of BOINC and SETI processing structure (system analysis), laying out improvements with costs, etc, also makes sense. After making needed system improvements, SETI should start up again, if this whole approach to finding a technological civilization stands scrutiny. Our little (big?) brothers are out there. Let's find them. I will be making contributions to SETI to help pay for it.
15) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2036330)
Posted 6 Mar 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Hola, Juan!
Shakespeare covered it... "How like an angel in apprehension and how like a devil in evil deeds." Somehow, we must learn better how to bring out our "better angels." Steven Pinker has a lot of statistics showing that things are getting better (see YouTube), but day to day we don't see it.
Best Regards,
16) Message boards : News : SETI@home hibernation (Message 2035806)
Posted 4 Mar 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
It will be certainly be interesting to see the paper(s) you submit to the scientific journals summarizing the results of your data analysis. May those results be all we hope and pray for! As Spock would say, "Logic dictates that there is a bunch of them out there!"
The search must go on!!
17) Message boards : News : Why do people run SETI@home? (Message 2029331)
Posted 26 Jan 2020 by Profile Rich Project Donor
Considering that the message is likely to be from "very ancient aliens," they might have some interesting things to say. For example, how to build a trans warp drive, etc.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Seti + Virtual Box 7.4.27 (X64) Install Hangup (Message 1602632)
Posted 19 Nov 2014 by Profile Rich Project Donor
When I try to install the new Seti + Virtual Box it hangs the computer when I respond "yes" to the question about do I want to allow the (vbox?) driver install - the screen, mouse, and keyboard lock up. The Registry and system are clean before install.
If I delete my old Seti Ver 7.2.42(X64) and vbox and try to install from the new downloaded file, the same happens.
If I just delete Seti and vbox, the MS Internet Explorer locks up. Google Chrome still works, however. It appears that Seti or vbox application delete damages something in MS Explorer.
Computer: ASUS 990FX/GEN3 R2 MB, AMD FX8370E cpu, 16Gig main memory, Sapphire HD 7970 graphics, Samsung 830 SSD and screen, Windows 7 64bit.
I can run fine with the old Seti Ver 7.2.42 + vbox, so the heat is off temporarily. It appears I may have to reinstall win 7 to get rid of the problem.

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