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Posted 21 Feb 2009 by Profile Far Star
I'm running BOINC version 6.4.5 on an Intel Q6600 Quad processor CPU with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX GPU. Right now I have one Astropulse 5.00 WU, one SETI@home Enhanced 6.08(cuda) WU amd two MilkyWay@home 0.19 WUs crunching. Using Process Explorer, I see the three non-cuda WUs all running at about 25% (full utilization of 3 out of 4 CPUs). The fourth CPU, working on the cuda WU, is running at about 0.4%. Meanwhile I am seeing explorer.exe jumping around between 0.3% and 20 %. When explorer.exe gets up above about 2%, the cuda WU goes to 0%. As noted by others, other apps are extremely slow when running BOINC.

Suspending the MilkyWa@home does not improve the situation. Exiting AVG and Spyware Terminator doesn't help either.

The following seems to help. Suspend the cuda WU, which allows a MW@home WU to start up. Now resume the cuda WU and suspend one of the MW@home WUs. The cuda WU now runs at 1% to 5% and explorer.exe is between 0% and 1%.

Just now the cuda WU has finished and a new cuda WU has started. I am now back in the situation I was in at the start of this post. the cuda WU is running 0% to 0.3% and explorer.exe is 0.3% to 20%. Other apps have slowed to a crawl.

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