Strange boot failure after power loss

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Message 2087246 - Posted: 1 Nov 2021, 19:00:00 UTC

Have 18.04 Ubuntu. I had turned the power off without a proper shutdown and had a strange problem. The system is working after I rebooted.

Maybe one of the Linux guru's here can explain what happened and how to avoid it.

When the system came back up after the bad shutdown the monitor was black.
i hit CTRL-SHIFT-F1 and the burnt orange screen appeared after a few minute but my password was not accepted. I click on some icon under the password prompt and got the following 4 options (I did not take a picture)

something with gnome, dont remember exactly
Ubuntu with Wayland

Ubuntu was the one that did not like my password.
When I selected Gnome I managed to log in but the display was empty. It was not like anything I had seen before. Clicking on the display did not bring up the terminal option. When I clicked on the bottom left were an icon was all the gnome apps showed up on the screen. I managed to find "terminal" but nvidia-settings did not run. It as as if none of my NVidia cards were working.
I shut the system down and rebooted and this time was able to log in using the "Ubuntu" selection and all was back to normal. Not sure why my password was rejected earlier. I had checked the keyboard to ensure the cap lock was off

I am afraid to shut the system down. Is there any way to get rid of the boot options so that only "Ubuntu" is there?

What good is Gnome if it does not recognize the NVidia cards. The cards are for mining and have no video out of course.
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Message 2087411 - Posted: 4 Nov 2021, 0:15:43 UTC - in response to Message 2087246.  

That sounds a little confusing...

After an unclean shutdown (sudden power-off or crash), the next time you boot up your system can take quite some time to check that all the data on your disk(s) is good and correct. Only then will the boot-up complete.

Clues that a disk check/fix is in progress are messages on the screen and/or continuous disk activity.

To get rid of the boot menu, once fully booted up, select system settings to select what boot option you prefer.

As for the unexpected login... That might have been for the root user or even some throw-away guest user.

Check on the Ubuntu forums?

Hope that gives a few clues.

Good luck!

Happy crunchin',
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Strange boot failure after power loss

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